With the ball in hand, Seth is curry and durant’s most consistent scorer in place

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Seth Curry made his Debut for the Nets and finished with 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists in three quarters to lead the Nets to an easy victory over the previously unconquerable, or rather, improved, Sacramento Kings.Seth Curry’s presence made the whole team very efficient, especially him, and the offensive options were so calm.Compared to Stephen Curry, his younger brother is a more stable player.The key to Seth Curry’s steady play is his experience. He’s not as talented as Stephen Curry and has come into the league and quickly become the center of a team.Seth Curry is a real bottom-up player, even at one point in the D-League, and he’s very clear about his role as a very simple shooter who can’t waste every shot because he knows that wasting could mean losing his job.Seth Curry’s 3-point shooting isn’t productive because he’s never the first option on offense, but Seth Curry’s 3-point shooting is always good, and teammates can trust him when he’s wide open.Seth Curry averaged 18.8 points per game in the playoffs last season, shooting 57.8 percent from the field and 50.6 percent from 3-point range, while simmons struggled and Harris was a bit of a hamstring. He wasn’t a target, but his numbers were scary enough.Seth Curry is struggling without the ball, he could score more if he had more ball, which would make up for his lack of defense.Seth is Curry with the ball, but with Irving, his shot is bound to be limited, but his shot should be a little easier, and Seth Curry is bound to be durant’s most consistent scorer.Durant won two championships with Stephen Curry, but those two championships were a little bit easier, and to win another one with Curry would certainly elevate Durant’s standing in history.With the Nets in the midst of a shaky period, a good team atmosphere is needed to stabilize the morale of the team, although there is a Simmons, perhaps he is the one who wants to express himself.With Curry at his side and defensive Player of the Year, it’s hard to say durant is closer than he was last season, and fans are looking forward to a playoff matchup between the Nets and the 76ers.