These students will not be able to join the army, no matter how excellent they are

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A country cannot be strong without two aspects, one is military and the other is economic.Due to the reasons of national history, the country started relatively late, but after generation after generation of people’s continuous efforts now the country can be said to have become a military power, the prosperity of the motherland is inseparable from the struggle of generations of people and soldiers stationed in the border.The elite talents of all walks of life in the country come from students of various majors, so where do the talents of soldiers come from?The answer is university students in various provinces.Many students enter the university stage, at this time, college students with the arrival of adult age, thought and three views are more mature, at this time there are many college students begin to prepare to serve the motherland, and the army is one of their ways.College student enters a higher school or the army actually is one of the ways to serve the motherland, but in a few years ago, but the students will consider the army after the academic problem, but in the present, the problem is has been solved, at the end of the college entrance examination, for various reasons can only enter oneself for an examination the students of colleges and universities can now enlisted by college students recruitment channels, during enlistment,After reserving junior college status and ending military life, students can study in undergraduate institutions without taking an exam to improve their education background. It is important to know that positions in the society are all chasing talents with higher education background, which means they have more opportunities and choices.And if undergraduate students joined the army, is also a preferential treatment, full in their undergraduate student in school and at the same time, if the new study, the army in entrance, need get points the privilege of preferential treatment, the army’s experience will not only make yourself more professors was concerned, at the same time in the raising of the graduate school with other student competition, also enjoy priority admission policy.If students wish to continue to serve in the army, they will be given priority to be promoted to cadres. This shows that joining the army is not only a way to serve the motherland, but also a way to improve themselves and enter a higher social class.Enlist in the army for college students that is full of dry goods, but the army is also conditional, not which college students can join the army, the army represents to become a glorious soldier, this is the backbone of the country is to defend the country’s foundation “foundation”.In 2022, under the premise of major changes in the policy of college students joining the army, after passing layers of screening, after the first preliminary review, after the actual solicit, there will be a more strict political review.College students who have posted illogical political statements on the Internet that do not conform to their own views, slandering the motherland or slandering the people’s soldiers are not allowed to join the army. At the same time, if they have tattoos or tattoos that interfere with the appearance of the army, they are not allowed to join the army.Persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment, detention or public surveillance for various reasons, or who have been reeducation through labor according to law, are not eligible for conscription. In addition, if they have committed illegal acts, such as:Hooligan, prostitution, whoring, drug addiction, theft, robbery, fraud, can not be enlisted in the army, so the majority of college students if they want to join the army, not only need three correct, at the same time always need to warn their own can not do against the law of the state behavior.Comrades, we must not be influenced by external or external factors. It is the honor of our life to be a soldier.With the change of the policy for college students to join the army, more and more strong soldiers will emerge in Our country, making our military strength stronger and stronger.In the process of success by the army, is not easy everyday, we all know that China’s military strength is strong, in such a strong strength is behind the soldiers arduous army life, so not a heart firmly defends the motherland or choose another route is better, during the period of the army, just want to undertake a variety of hard training,Is enclosed in a common time at the same time, a year, the number of times to get back home are numbered, in the process of training will also be assigned to various places, some students were assigned to the north and south north students assigned to the east, so the distribution everywhere to become a soldier or say to achieving their dreams as a soldier, each college students or the preparation in advance,In life, when and where to restrain their words and deeds, etc., as a soldier’s standards require that their action, always told myself don’t forget to beginner’s mind, if its really determined, then need to have a good understanding of local college students joined the registration requirements, go all out to be the best students to join the army is a glory, this is exist as the highlight of their lifetime,We are bound to serve the motherland, in order to pass on the fine tradition of our older generation for the country and the people, and strive for China’s continuous progress, I hope all comrades will never forget their original aspiration.