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In winter, under the eaves of the farm, on the windowsill, beside the fire, in front of the stove…More or less, will hang tempting bacon, wax pig leg, wax pig ear, wax duck, preserved fish what, life is very rich, see passers-by have a bit of eye greedy, imperceptible salivary glands will develop up.Preserved meat · Delicious preserved meat is one of the most popular traditional delicacies in China. It is suitable for both food and wine.Every time in festivals, relatives and friends, guests coming…The enthusiastic host will pick some smoked bacon, first with hot water hot, then rub with an erater, and then rinse clean with water, cut into pieces into the pot will be cooked, or directly sliced instant, or stir-fry garlic, or add pepper stir-fry, or add dried radish skin to do dry pot……Once cooked by a crafty owner, the laba flavor, which was once black in color, is transformed into a series of delicious dishes with red, smoky, salty flavor, fat but not greasy.”One family cooks meat, one hundred people smell.”The fried laba flavor, yellow and red, oily and fragrant, is favored by the people. It is an indispensable “main dish” on the table in the countryside, and also a “specialty” and “signature dish” in the rural local restaurants.In the winter of winter, when the weather is dry and there is little rain and the north wind is blowing, meat is not easy to spoil even if it is placed outside the refrigerator, and there are not many mosquitoes. Therefore, it is the most suitable for air-drying cured meat.Warm sun far wet, time shook near the end of the year, the Laba is years.At this time, the villagers began to busy up, sharpening knives, killing pigs kill sheep, killing chickens kill ducks, dry pond catch fish…The production of preserved meat has become the most important thing for farmers to do in the last month of the lunar calendar. Preserved meat is also a must-have food for farmers during the Spring Festival.Farmers often choose pork belly and leg meat to make preserved pork when they kill the New Year pig. The preserved pork made from these two parts is even in fat and lean, and tastes delicious but not greasy.To make sausages, pork belly is also chosen, minced, seasoned with spices, Chinese prickly ash, sugar and kaoliang liquor, salted and stuffed in casings.Preserved fish generally choose grass carp, first cured, and then cured.Smoked ‬ LaWei peasant will generally find when it came to a big iron pan, or waste oil drums, drum, and then ‬ ‬ put a piece of iron wire or iron sieve above, gave birth to a fire inside, on the outside corner of the shelter, which accumulated in daily ‬ rice bran shell, tea, dried orange peel and other ‬ ‬ smoked, via ‬ is smoky, plant fruit ‬ skin fragrance slowly permeate LaWei, ‬ fumigated LaHuang take oil,Then hook with iron wire, drying bamboo pole, or windowsill, or kitchen door……Chickens, ducks and fish are also propped open with bamboo chopsticks so that they can be dried in the sun and dry faster.Air basks in time, average li Li is li Li ten days half moon is about the same.Preserved flavor · Xiang Flavor Preserved flavor, not only represents the harvest festival of the farmers, but also represents people’s good wishes for the New Year.It is not only the main ingredients for entertaining guests during the Spring Festival, but also a good gift for visiting relatives and friends.The production of preserved meat has become a folk custom in China. Pieces of cured meat, smoked and dried in the sun, have also become a series of beautiful scenery, mixed with sunshine, happiness, customs, nostalgia and other elements, filling the world with fireworks, a strong taste of home, the taste of the year.When returning home for the Spring Festival, preserved meat is the “home dish” and “main dish” on the table.When paying New Year’s greetings, you can offer a piece of preserved meat as a gift. In return, you can also bring back a wax goose or wax duck.When I returned to the city, the trolley box and the car trunk were all filled with preserved meat.When they fail to return home for the Spring Festival, they become homesick again.Every time I see the preserved flavor, I feel particularly cordial, I think of the Chinese New Year, and I feel as if I have returned home.Every time I eat preserved meat, I think of my parents and my happy childhood. Even though it is cold outside, the room is full of spring.Chewy, chewy;To think, preserved flavor has entered the New Year…Copyright belongs to the original author, please indicate the author!If there is infringement, please contact us immediately to delete!