The court issued an emergency writ of habeas corpus

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On February 15, the Liubei District People’s Court issued an emergency personal safety protection order for 13-year-old twin brother and sister Xiao Nan (male) and xiao Hong (female) within 36 hours after they suffered domestic violence, and together with the police of Jila police station in Yufeng District, quickly helped the brother and sister to resume a safe life.Jin mou is the father of the twin brother and sister Xiao Nan, xiao Hong, in 2015, Jin mou and ex-wife Li mou through the mediation of the people’s court after divorce, twin brother and sister two people by Jin mou alone to carry.After her divorce, Kim became suspicious, anxious and unhappy in life. After years of accumulation, Kim finally found a way to vent her anger.On November 25 on January 25, jin Mou and daughter small Rainbow produce quarrel because of life trivia, stubborn nevertheless the Jin Mou of small Rainbow takes out again “strict teach” credo, brandish a knife to the hand of small Rainbow, foot cuts, send small rainbow finger, soles much place is injured.After the incident, Jin mou to twin brother and sister of the custody of two people more severe, neither allow them to mention this matter with mother Li mou, more can’t say this matter with the neighborhood neighbors everywhere, brother and sister two people to father’s “strict education” attitude is very afraid, silent mention.On January 27, 21, 27, community staff visited, brother and sister told the truth that their father was injured, community staff rushed to contact the child’s mother Li.After being sent to the doctor, xiaohong’s injury was the right hand injury and tendon injury, which required surgery to recover, and the sole of the foot was cut, which required suture surgery.32 On February 7, Li mou back from the field and understand the truth immediately to the chicken la police station alarm for help.Under the proper disposal of the police in handling the case, the two children successfully escaped from danger and took the train to the other place safely with their mother, and also applied for a legal aid lawyer for the two children.In the morning of February 14, Li mou as brother and sister two people’s agent, with the help of lawyers, to liubei District people’s Court application for personal safety protection order.Personal safety without the small court, the public security “iron hand” to protect the peace figure | judges often local police station to the respondent to personal safety protection 02 February 14th afternoon case treatment, liu family north district people’s court judge the case immediately evidence material review, verify the case.Court after examination, believes that the twin brother and sister li mou as small nan, xiao hong agent, and entrusted agency lawyer, submitted to the court of the alarm records, photos, injury hospital records and other evidence materials confirmed that their suffering from domestic violence or face real dangers of domestic violence, its application in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China on anti-family violence law, the relevant provisions of theThe court issued a personal safety order in accordance with the law, prohibiting Jin from domestic violence against Xiao Nan and Xiao Hong for six months.Considering the urgency of the case, the family judge issued a writ of habeas corpus and decided to personally go to the local police station and community where the applicant often lives to serve the writ of habeas corpus, helping the two children build a “riot wall” of judicial protection in a timely manner.On February 15, a family judge visited the Jira police station to ensure the execution of the personal protection order in consideration of Kim s violent tendencies.Police station leadership and handling the case of the police attaches great importance to the follow-up to assist the implementation of the work, immediately summoned Jin to receive a reprimand.In the interrogation room of the police station, the family judge read a personal safety order to Kim and gave him a stern criticism and education, explaining to him all the legal consequences of violating the personal safety order.Kim signed a personal safety order and was handed over to the police for further investigation.Figure 1 | the judge read served on the applicant, the personal safety protection and criticism education figure 2 | judge served on the respondent habitual residence community safety protection order, then judge the housework also went to the living place of community service, suggested that community grid member continuous attention be jin,If the two siblings or their mother Li asked for help again, they should deal with it in a timely manner, immediately report to the police and report to the court to ensure that the children and Li can return to normal life and will not be disturbed by Kim’s domestic violence.Before the deadline, Li has entrusted an attorney to the court filed a change in the custody of xiaonan, Xiaohong two people lawsuit, the case will be a court hearing.Say “no” to the domestic violence courts, public security and other departments for rights protection umbrellas 03 you judge to say the home violence is a common responsibility of the state, society and every family, for the domestic violence to maintain a “zero tolerance” high pressure situation, liu north court and the public security organs, civil affairs, women’s federations and other department to sign the domestic abuse linkage mechanism, the cooperatively work together,To prevent victims from further domestic violence with a strong “iron fist”.According to statistics, the courts in Liubei have issued a total of 136 writs of habeas corpus since 2016. Under the powerful deterrent force of writs of habeas corpus, no case of violation of writs of habeas corpus has occurred.Photo/Text: Liang Xiansen, Liu Zhaoting, LAN Yuye, Zeng Junrong, Li Jinhua weibo: gxlZLBqrmfy, Liubei District People’s Court, Tik Yin, Liubei District People’s Court (ID: LBFY2020) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: