Reappear imperial examination feeling gold list nomination

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During the Spring Festival holiday, the Jianshui Political science examination Shed, combining with the cultural characteristics of the scenic spot, staged real imperial examinations in the scenic spot, restored the traditional imperial examinations, reproduced the historical scenes, and led many tourists through the century to experience the imperial examination culture at close range.With the opening gong sound, the performance officially began, “Governor Of Yunnan Xuezheng adult to!””Lord Schoolmaster worships the Gate!”Two shout came, the door of the test shed slowly opened, years of virtual shadow was the head with a top wearing feather, wearing a complement, is leading the people into the yi door of the study of political adults to replace.Afterwards, the crowd went to the hall of the test shed, and the school sat down. The officers of the hospital separated the hall, and the examinees accepted the examination and admission.One scene after another, until the end of the release of political results.Every examinee answered the questions carefully in the examination room, and every link was meticulous. All participants felt very happy about this experience.As a place for the examination of scholars in qing Dynasty, the Jianshui Political examination shed witnessed the hardships of thousands of students studying hard at the cold window, and witnessed their success in the list.The actual performance of the imperial examination held in the study and Politics examination shed allows tourists to have more understanding of the ancient imperial examination system, and also shows the good atmosphere of respecting teachers and teaching and spreading culture in Jianshui from another Angle.Jianshui School and Politics Examination Shed was once the residence center of The yunnan school and politics inspector who was appointed to visit Jianshui twice in three years during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Located in the center of the county, it was the only intact school and politics examination shed in Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan province, and such a well-preserved school and politics examination shed is extremely rare in China.Editor: Li Hongfen Review: Liu Yingjie Reporter: Li Jisong Zongyi Editor: Lu Hui Legal adviser: MAO Rongfang Lawyer 13808775229 yunnan MAO Rongfang Law Firm