Over $1 million in debt at 30. Is there a future?

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People get through it, especially when you’re in debt, which is when you need to get through it.If you survive, you may turn over. If you fail, your situation may get worse and worse. You may even break down.Chicken soup does not boil fragrant, people do not boil, is impossible to become great.Through the most bitter, to enjoy the most sweet;Through the most tired, to enjoy the leisure.When you’re in debt, you have to be more resilient, you have to be more resilient, or you really might be under.Get over it, get out of debt, not in a day or two, be prepared to get over it, get over it, try to make money.One year is not clear, that two years, two years is not clear, that ten years, ten years is not clear, then use a lifetime to return it!Since you are alive, you must be responsible for what you do to the end, endure, you can win, believe in yourself!How high you reach in life depends on how high you bounce back when you hit bottom!Life is still very long, as long as people are still there is nothing that can not be solved.If you owe this debt because of gambling, the first thing you should do is to warn yourself that you can’t touch it again. Gambling is not a way to get rich. Gambling will only ruin your family.It’s a matter of adjusting your mindset now. I’m still young at 30, and I still have a lot to do in the future.Use the time of regret and regret to think more about their future planning, find a thing they are interested in, to learn to work hard, and slowly you will find that life is regular, the idea of the future is not so pessimistic.And when there is something I dare not say, I must find someone to tell it, not hold it in my heart, others may not be able to understand, but as long as someone listens, it can relieve pressure.As long as willing to work hard, get rid of the previous habits.Increase income and reduce expenditure. Believe in yourself.30 is still young, young is the capital if it is caused by the failure of the start-up, then a good analysis of the cause of the failure, to avoid entering the vicious cycle again.Business failure is common, everyone has the dream of being a boss, but do not blindly find a project to start a business, many people because of too much confidence in the market and suffered heavy losses.The success rate of starting a business is not high, you see those successful enterprises are after many failures to become successful, a lot of debt after the failure of the business, some people sell cars and houses to pay off debts.Entrepreneurship is also a kind of gambling, gambling to win a lifetime, gambling lost will bear hardships to make money to pay debts.People who have created a business will not be accustomed to looking for a job, because they used to be the boss, and now they will not adapt to the company constraints.People who fail to start a business must put down face, sink to heart, find a job to do first, as the saying goes: as long as the green hills are not worried about firewood.Find the right opportunity to start your own business again.Have enough experience to start a business again, and be sure to choose an asset-light venture.With the rapid development of the Internet, look for projects about the Internet.If you’re over 30 and you owe millions.So must require steady development.The ancients say that one should be determined at thirty. If one is still not stable and too emotional after thirty, he may encounter more setbacks in the future.Be in debt at 30 Don’t be afraid to face the difficulties and problems of the moment.Take advantage of my own resources and experience to find a track suitable for me to start from a new start. There are many projects that CAN be done on the Internet, such as e-commerce, wechat business, we-media, short video and live broadcast.These are asset-light projects. You just have to do your research and start from zero, and in three months you can be in an industry.In six months to a year you will be ahead of 90% of your competitors in this field.But the first three months are so grueling that you may give up halfway through.When you’re 30 and $1 million in debt, the sure-fire solution is to find a steady job and start a side business in your spare time.Some people in order to pay the debt to do several jobs, busy day after night to continue busy, only sleep 3-5 hours a day, but the body can not stand such a long time.I know a friend in Shanghai who works 8-10 hours during the day and drives at night.Sleep only 3-4 hours a day.This is ok in the short term, but over time the body will have problems.It doesn’t matter how much money you make in the end.Any work we do is to improve the quality of life in the future.Don’t do extreme things.If you have enough spare time after working hours, it is suggested to start from wechat business, e-commerce and We-media, which do not need investment. Moreover, the time is free and the threshold is relatively low.Here or recommend second-hand e-commerce xianyu and around, simple and easy to use.If you want to do we media can also, but the realization cycle is longer, but the future potential will be greater!Never be anxious when you are in debt, adjust your attitude and start again!Stretch out the timeline it’s just a little interlude in life.The future of life is very beautiful, adhere to 3-5 years of main business plus sideline will come ashore!