Men expect “girlfriend occupation” ranking, flight attendant ranking is not ideal, a little surprise last

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As the saying goes, “men are afraid of marrying the wrong man, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man,” which is completely applicable to modern times, because girls are not only afraid of marrying the wrong man, but also afraid of marrying the wrong man.In today’s society, equality between men and women is advocated. “A woman without talent is virtuous” has become a history. Girls can also enter an ideal university through their own efforts and study the major they are interested in.Academic degree can represent students’ learning ability to a certain extent. In real life, highly educated girls are not only favored in the job market, but also very popular in the marriage market. In the eyes of boys, they also have certain expectations for “girlfriend career”.Boys are looking forward to the best professional “girlfriend”, the top professional mother-in-law also like university teacher came top, compared with the primary and secondary school teachers, university teachers work more well-being, but also good welfare treatment, university teacher registration threshold is higher, generally to graduate or above, major in them in terms of children education, has its own way.In addition, college teachers work easier, do not have to work every day, they can have more time to accompany their families, not only popular with boys, the top professional mother-in-law also like it.Civil servants rank second, the advantages of civil servants are self-evident, from recent years, civil servants examination rate can be seen, civil servants are still popular positions, but too many competitors, can be admitted most of the outstanding in the field.College student once successful disembarkation, proved oneself stronger individual ability not only, also mean later life has safeguard, before close friend, it is a very respectable job, to schoolboy character, nature also wants to seek a “officeholder” cummer.The military civilian service ranks third, many people may be unfamiliar to the military civilian service, this post has just emerged in recent years, the attention is no less than the civil service, the military civilian service is mainly engaged in military management and other work, enjoy the same treatment as soldiers, if the boy looks for such a girlfriend, as a family member, will also enjoy the corresponding welfare treatment.Nevertheless the army civilian office enters oneself for an examination threshold is not low, need a college student to have stronger comprehensive quality, in addition to the student’s record of formal education, major also has a requirement, before the student enters oneself for an examination, still need to understand working place, some posts are more remote, still need to know more before the college student enters oneself for an examination.It may come as a surprise that flight attendants and kindergarten teachers were less popular among the male students, followed by health care workers, primary and secondary school teachers, designers, bank employees, freelancers, painters and kindergarten teachers.Careful friends may have discovered, a flight attendant ranking is not very ideal, did not even appear on the list, a flight attendant appearance level height, but is not popular with male students, due to the flight attendant fly around all over the country all the year round, seldom at home, family life happiness is low, coupled with a flight attendant appearance, noting that the generally high level many ordinary men could not control.When applying for the exam, female students need to choose the major of flight attendant carefully. During college, they will basically learn the major related content, and after graduation, they want to find a job in a different major, which is not advantageous compared with other students.Preschool teacher came in last a little surprised, too, is not biased against staff work, but this job is hard, is the teacher said too tall, says is the “king”, and teachers also belongs to the green rice, wage ceiling is very difficult to break, not only there is no guarantee that in the future, income also.Analysis: after the college entrance examination, students and parents should pay attention to the voluntary link, the choice of major directly determines the industry after the students, every year during the examination, such as normal major, financial major, language and literature major, are more popular female students welcome.As long as students study hard and obtain relevant certificates in college, it is not difficult to find a job related to their major after graduation.However, women also have the right to make their own choices. When choosing a major, they should not only consider their own interests, but also take various factors into consideration.Girls should also pay attention to the following issues when choosing a major:Today’s college students’ employment situation is more serious, college students in choosing a major, besides considering industry needs, still need to consider the employment pressure, and the professional learning difficulty, college students’ although there is no academic pressures, but under the background of degree is the highest, the university campus situation is serious, if students can’t adapt to the professional difficulty, it is difficult to devoting themselves to their studies.In addition, it should be combined with personal interests. Only students who really like their major will be willing to take the initiative to learn.No matter male students, female students, also need to constantly efforts, let oneself become more outstanding, especially during the period of university, should make full use of, at the same time of learning professional skills, at all levels, and to raise their competitiveness college students must think campus activities is a waste of time, actually can improve the comprehensive ability of students, can also expand your social circle.Conclusion: students also need to read more books, with knowledge to accumulate their own knowledge reserve, when students see enough books, not only the three views of correct, their temperament will change, really do “abdomen poetry qi from China”.If you are interested in this article, please feel free to share it with us.