Chongqing auxiliary police can be transferred to the post, do not want to do the police, want to go to the police station?

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If you’re a pickup officer in a precinct command center, it’s perfectly okay to go to a precinct station.If you’re a pickup officer in the city’s command center, it’s a little difficult to work in a police station under a precinct, but it’s not impossible.I would like to share my views from the following aspects, and welcome more friends to discuss and exchange views on this issue.1. What are the auxiliary police officers doing when they are working? The auxiliary police are now recruited by the third party companies in the society, and they sign contracts directly with the auxiliary police.After being recruited, the auxiliary police will be sent by the third party company to work in the relevant police departments of the public security organs.The relevant police departments of the public security organs are responsible for the use, management and regular assessment of auxiliary police, and the assessment results will be regularly fed back to the third-party company, which will pay salaries.Whether it is the 110 command center of the Municipal Bureau or the 110 command center of the sub-bureau, the work task of the receiving police is to call the police at the first moment when the public calls the police and ask the reason, location and contact number of the police in detail, and send the police order at the first time.Three feet to receive the police station, the responsibility of the police is very important, the masses of every alarm is related to the life and property safety of the people.The receiving police call generally requires the receiving police officer to be in position 24 hours a day and wait for the alarm phone.Of course, the work of receiving police officers is very boring. Usually, the work of receiving police officers implements three shifts for 24 hours, and the comrades who take night shifts can take a rest normally.The job of receiving police officers almost has no contact with the outside world, the job is to answer the phone, relatively boring, for those active auxiliary police, it is really not suitable for receiving police officers this post.If the work of receiving police officers is always in a static state of work, then the work of auxiliary police in grassroots police stations is always in a dynamic state of work, which can be described as the dual nature of ice and fire.Auxiliary police of grassroots police stations, whether engaged in internal work, household registration or field work, statistics, household investigation, public security patrol, arrest criminals, etc., can be said to be miscellaneous, many points, a wide range.Of course, the police station event came, everyone has to go up together, in the grassroots police station when auxiliary police, the work is relatively busy.Auxiliary police work is busy, but can contact with different people, in establishing their own contacts, in the growth of talent, improve their ability is indeed much better than the post of police.With all due respect, I’m afraid that’s why you want to transfer from receiving to a local police station.If you are engaged in picking up police officers in the command center of a sub-bureau and want to go to the sub-bureau’s grassroots police station, it is actually very simple.First of all, the grassroots police station is willing to accept you, which is the premise and basis of post transfer.Second, precinct 110 is willing to let you go.If one is willing to accept you and the other is willing to let you go, the leaders of the two units will connect and the command center will take over the work of the police officers. After you complete the handover, you can report to the grassroots police station for work.Because personnel exchange in the same unit, not involved in wages and personnel relations, post transfer and personnel transfer is very convenient.The core of the problem is that the post of picking up police officers in the command center of the sub-bureau is usually a mess. If you go to the grassroots police station, it means that there is one less person working in the post of picking up police officers in the command center, and the police force has decreased.This is the main reason why the precinct command center is not willing to let you transfer to the police station unless a new auxiliary officer is recruited to take over your work, otherwise, without special circumstances, the precinct command center will not be willing to let you work in the police station.If you are engaged in receiving police work in the city bureau 110 command center, want to transfer to the sub-branch of the police station, it is quite difficult.The municipal bureau and sub-bureau are the relationship between the superior and the subordinate. Generally, the superior unit borrows and transfers personnel to the subordinate unit, and no subordinate unit dares to borrows and transfers personnel to the superior unit.Unless a comrade in a higher unit has made a mistake, he has been demoted to a lower unit, which is often the case.Obviously, you didn’t make any mistakes, but you just want to transfer, and you need to connect with the city and the precinct, which, from what I can tell, is not easy.But it’s not impossible. If you have a personal connection, if you have a voice in the city, if you coordinate well, you can go.Conclusion: No matter in what unit, post exchange is to have, only the right personnel on the right post can be called talent, from the post, talent can not be called talent, do you think?What do you think about that?The above only represent personal views, welcome to like and forward @AH Wei observation , discuss and exchange related issues and views, and share the sunshine and the wind and rain together.# I want a headline ## Today’s headline ## Post ## Auxiliary police ## Chongqing Headline #