China’s new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has successfully made its maiden flight, overtaking the United States after overcoming a major problem in more than a decade

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, falcon unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) while the United States has long been a leading position in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but in recent years are catching up in China, especially in the near future, after a new unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to complete the first flight in China, but also directly breached a conundrum, technically left the street, which is called falcon’s unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), after the first flight of a breakthrough for more than a decade since the big problem,Let China directly surpass the United States in uav technology level, and will become the core equipment of China’s air combat system in the future. What are the advanced features of Falcon UAV?In American drones falcon is a completed in January 11, 2021 first flight experiment of high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) was found to play an organic whole, it should be pointed out that, of course, since this drone also need to balance to strike missions, therefore could not like pure reconnaissance uav flying at a speed of several Mach, so its relative to other unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight speed is faster,That’s still not as good as rocket-powered uAVs like the Non-Zhen-8, but it can still fly faster than some conventional propeller-powered uAVs at 700km or more, and it uses a turbojet as a power source.Although many people have the impression that a turbojet consumes more fuel than a turbofan, it can stay in the air for up to 20 hours, given that it is more efficient than a turbofan at altitudes of more than 14,000 meters.In addition to flight performance, the WJ-700 uav also has excellent reconnaissance and strike capability. With its own equipped synthetic aperture radar and infrared optical detection system, the UAV can quickly search, identify and lock ground and sea targets at high altitude, with a mounting capacity of nearly 3,500 kg.Also gives him great mission flexibility can need according to task in different ammunition, such as anti-ship missiles and space, and even the anti-radiation missile, to know in the operational process of the past, drones can only rely on their own height and distance to avoid the ground air defense missile systems, and after mount anti-radiation missile,The Falcon can lock on and counter enemy missile radars directly, and because it can fly at up to 700 kilometers per hour, the missile will have a higher initial velocity and be able to hit farther enemies at a faster speed.And from this drone CM – 102 anti-radiation missiles and anti-ship missiles, need both missile launch platform, the first enemy position to make use of radar preliminary detection, it shows that the machine’s radar are likely to use and xiaolong fighter similar active phased array radar, make its can carry on the accurate perception to the ground and sea targets,If this is true, the drone could also be capable of air combat after being loaded with anti-air munitions.The graph is falcon unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) Its mobility and situational awareness and may not be able to match manned combat aircraft, but the enemy air tankers, unmanned aerial vehicles and planes are slow target, such as a mount of air-to-air missile falcon drones in the true sense of the air, no doubt, a god of death, and with this weapon,China has also managed to overcome a conundrum that has limited itself for more than a decade to overtake the United States.