Beware of breaking the law: what you buy, the likelihood is a country 2 class protection plant

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During the Spring Festival, all kinds of flowers, which set off the beautiful atmosphere of the festival, have become one of the most popular goods.Among them, there is a flower called dry branch azalea, bought when it is just a root “dead” branches, can be inserted in clear water for a few days, then “dead wood fengchun” out of blossoming bright red gorgeous flowers.However, the flower began to gain popularity and eventually was criticized for hiding the secret of illegal traders and even being suspected of criminal offenses.1 What is dry branch rhododendron?The so-called dry branch rhododendron is actually the branch of Xing ‘an rhododendron.Sing-an du Juan, was born in the northeast mountains, and we are familiar with azalea (rhododendron) is relative, also have some similarities, it is a kind of evergreen shrubs, about one or two meters high, the plant leaf blade elliptic, flower leaves open first, funnel-shaped, pink or purple, mainly distributed in China’s heilongjiang (severe), Inner Mongolia, jilin and other places,Often grow in mountain deciduous pine forest, birch forest or forest edge.In northeast China, winter is extremely cold and very long, and xing ‘an rhododendron is the first flower to bloom in the fields when winter comes to spring.It is all over the mountains and fields, flowers flourish, bright colors, give people who have just gone through the winter with the hope of spring, is regarded as the messenger of spring, is auspicious, happiness, constancy, beautiful symbol.2 dry – branch rhododendron why “spring”?The flowering season of Xing ‘an rhododendron is From May to June every year. Because the habitat is very cold, the flowers of xing ‘an Rhododendron have been bred before the arrival of the cold winter of the previous year, and enter the dormant state to spend the cold winter, until the warm spring.The xing an azalea branches picked before the Spring Festival, the bud on its has already developed, is in dormancy state, as long as the temperature is appropriate, adequate water, the use of their own storage of nutrients, barely can maintain the flowers open, which has become a business mouth said “dry wood in spring”.However, unlike the xing ‘an rhododendron growing in the original place, although these branches have flowers, they can not pollinate the results, but will only be depleted of nutrients into real “dry branches”, which are readily thrown into the trash can.3 is “dry branch rhododendron” protected plant?Xing ‘an rhododendron originally grew carefree in the mountains, but who would like to, some businesses will cut down their branches, leaving out the planting cost, packaging into economic benefits of the “dry branch rhododendron”, and then far-off attached to the “dry branches of spring”, after some speculation was unknown consumer hot hold.Under the trend of huge profits, wild Xingan rhododendron has been crazily over-harvested and over-felled, and its resources have been sharply reduced.As we may know, plants in cold areas grow very slowly. According to analysis, the branches sold to consumers have grown for seven or eight years. Therefore, once the wild Xingan rhododendron resources are destroyed, it will be very long and difficult to recover.People quickly realized the danger, and some plant conservation experts and science writers called on the media to protect the wild Xingan cuckoo.It is for this reason and against this background that in September 2021, Rhododendron xingan has been listed as a second-class national key protected plant in the List of State Key Protected Wild Plants newly issued by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.With the prohibition of relevant laws and the opposition of mainstream public opinion, the “dry branch rhododendron” business has been gradually curtailed, xing ‘an rhododendron resources have been effectively protected, but there are still a few illegal businesses “exploit loopholes”.Some businesses have changed their names to Ganzhi Mei and Ganzhi Tao to evade supervision, but the photos they provide are still Xing ‘an rhododendron.Some businesses also claim that it is artificial cultivation, but there is no mature xing ‘an rhododendron artificial cultivation, almost all on the market for wild theft.As ordinary consumers, during the spring flowers to buy demand, to consciously put an end to the purchase of dry branch rhododendron, on the one hand is to choose a lot of, such as dry branch snow willow, rhododendron, cyclamen, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, chrysanthemum and other artificial cultivation of beautiful flowers for choice;On the other hand, can not violate the relevant laws of the state, so I hope you do not buy the dry branch azalea.No business, no harm, please do not let them leave their homes, lying in the trash can, to remember, the wild Xingan cuckoo only in the mountains in the northeast, is the most beautiful, the most colourful.(LY source: Science Popularization in China)