Behind the explosion of fashion car shadow leopard, because Trumpchi understands young people’s attitude towards life

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What kind of car appeals most to young people?I think, back to the essence of the car, “easy to drive” is the ultimate answer.And the “easy to drive car” is often closely related to the sporty sedan.In August last year, GAC Trumpchi Shadow Leopard was officially listed.The car is very eye-catching, with an official guide price range of 98,300 yuan to 128,000 yuan.Gac Trumpchi not only invited Su Bingtian to be the spokesperson, but also the official zero hundred acceleration time is only 6.95 seconds, enough to enter the ranks of performance sedan.Recently, Trumpchi and Leopard successfully entered the competition, and the second China Auto Festival specially planned by the Financial program Center of China Media Group, which was sponsored by China Media Group, showed its extraordinary strength and boosted the brand.Behind the outstanding performance comes the strong strength of trumpchi’s independent intelligence manufacturing.With Yingbao as the engine, Trumpchi is also distributing other models to refresh and continue to promote high-end and younger development. Such a move is bound to lead Chinese auto brands upward again in the future.At present, generation Z consumers begin to rise and gradually become the main consumption force.Under this trend, the younger gradually become an important issue for the brand renewal of major automobile enterprises.For GAC Trumpchi, youth does not mean to communicate with consumer groups with lower prices, but to communicate with consumers through younger products and younger marketing.In terms of young products, in 2021, GAC Trumpchi will launch a number of young high-tech, high-value and high-appearance new cars, such as GS4 PLUS and Ying Bao, to make more young consumers feel the youthful feeling of GAC Trumpchi’s brand and products.In terms of youth marketing, GAC Trumpchi continues to narrow the distance with young consumers through innovative marketing that is more fashionable and more fun.Whether gac kei and avic “aircraft” crossover, shadow leopard and Asian Su Bing add the “China speed”, “combination, shadow leopard China Joy across dimensions, or transmit the gac kei, fans with users create a shadow of the leopard” light friends group “, GS4 PLUS “mentally enjoy experience officer” create IP, such as gac kei for more innovative marketing mode,Continue to circle young consumers.We cannot deny the success of Shadow Leopard in youth, but in the final analysis, we still need to explore the essence behind it. In this era of rapid development, only with a keen sense of smell and a quick hand can we usher in the moment of brilliance.Young rapidly become another direction of development of the industry, who can win the favor of young consumers, who will become the next leader of the industry.Recently, GAC Trumpchi announced that the global chip shortage has affected the production and delivery of its M8 and Shadow Leopard models.According to GAC Trumpchi, the supply of chips for M8 models has improved and is gradually returning to normal supply, and deliveries of ordered vehicles will be accelerated in the future.It is reported that GAC Trumpchi will give priority to the production of the welfare version under the condition of limited chip resources, and promised to deliver the car within one month after ordering, to meet the urgent needs of special users such as the elderly and people with mobility difficulties.In addition, the announcement said shadowleopard sales were mainly affected by zF dP-EPS steering chip supply shortage.Trumpchi adheres to the original intention of pursuing quality and always sticks to the principle of using the latest generation of chips and not changing suppliers.In order to accelerate the supply of chips, GAC Trumpchi is actively working with ZF headquarters and chip suppliers to develop a production increase plan.In such a severe situation, Trumpchi resolutely insisted on not replacing alternative suppliers, but actively communicated with partners to jointly find ways to speed up the recovery of chip production capacity. Although it extended the pickup time of consumers who like Trumpchi models, the quality of Trumpchi was guaranteed to the greatest extent, which is undoubtedly praiseworthy.Trumpchi said that in 2022, it will fully focus on hybrid and accelerate the launch of hybrid products through the dual-track parallel mode of “Toyota THS hybrid system + GAC GMC hybrid system”.It is reported that gaC Trumpchi will mass-produce multiple hybrid models including EMKOO in 2022.Looking to the future, Trumpchi will continue to promote the youth strategy while focusing on the layout of the hybrid market.In the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, Trumpchi released the development strategy of “hybrid + Intelligent” dual-core drive, and proposed the development goal: the whole series will be hybrid by 2025, the sales volume of hybrid will account for more than 60% by 2030, and the challenge is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.Trumpchi hybrid adopts the strategy of “walking on two legs”.That is, while accelerating the development and utilization of independent hybrid technology, Toyota, an established player with a longer history of hybrid technology development, can complete the layout in the hybrid market more quickly.Among them, “technology Trumpchi”, as the strategic direction of GAC Trumpchi’s future development, is an important component of gaC Trumpchi’s new development momentum.At the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021, GAC Trumpchi officially released its flagship intelligent product — Supersensory Interactive Intelligent cockpit, which relies on the new generation ADiGO 4.0 intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem, based on the design concept of “Prophet · Symbiosis”, is built through AI, AR and big data, and is used on Trumpchi GS4 PLUS for the first time.It brings more intelligent car use experience for consumers.New second generation GS8 officially listed, as a pioneer opened the qi in the new journey is written in the hybrid market finally: chip cases, the gac and kei has not been disrupted, and by insisting on the positive research to build the shadow of leopard, but sincerely most complete level of thousands of configuration are given, which is called consumers are a boost.Looking at consumers for the shadow leopard, perhaps the market demand has not disappeared but is covered, relying on the strength of core products, become the “hot goods” in the user, in order to better cope with the impact of the environment.But the current chip crisis has not eliminated, the order is too hot, shadow leopard is now in short supply.At the same time, we firmly believe that with the gradual easing of chip shortage, Trumpchi leopard will bring higher value to consumers.In addition, Trumpchi offers multiple preferential car purchase schemes for Trumpchi Leopard. The details are as follows: 1.2, save to fly gift: super 0 down payment, up to 7000 yuan of financial discount (80 thousand 2 years 0 interest);3, huan to fly gift: to high 5000 yuan replacement subsidy;4, enjoy the flying gift: lifelong free basic traffic, 3 years of free entertainment traffic (4G/ month).In 2022, trumpchi’s dual-core drive strategy of “hybrid + intelligent” is more worthy of expectation.This year marks the 14th anniversary of trumpchi’s establishment. As the leader of independent brands, Trumpchi has been tempered in the market for more than ten years, constantly improving its r&d strength, polishing its products, and boosting the brand strength with high-quality cars, which is sure to lead independent brands to reach the peak again.Photo: Official, reprinted online from: Economic Observer original title: “Young people love Film Leopard, because Trumpchi knows them better”