10 billion wenchuang wine market force!Maotai “old and vigorous”, shide wine to get through the “ren Du two veins”

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In recent years, more and more liquor brands began to make efforts on the cultural innovation track, and the wine market began to fire up.In the context of the rise of great powers and cultural confidence, cultural and creative liquor not only meets the internal needs of consumers, but also conforms to the development trend of The Times. Therefore, “cultural and creative liquor” has gradually developed into the next important subdivision track of the wine industry.In the new wenchuang liquor market, due to the famous brand effect, moutai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Gujing Gongjiu and other old famous enterprises have great advantages, so they are common in the market.Moutai, for example, releases its zodiac wine series every year.The first Moutai Zodiac wine was launched by Kweichow Moutai Co in late 2014.Since then, Moutai “one Zodiac for one year”. From the subsequent years of 2014, Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd. has successively issued eight zodiac wines, namely yiwei Year of the Sheep, Bingshen Year of the Monkey, Ding You Year of the Rooster, Hundred Days’ Xu Year of the Dog, Ji Hai Year of the Pig, Boxer Year of the Rat, Xin Chou Year of the Ox and Ren Yin Year of the Tiger.And in addition to the Chinese zodiac wine, maotai is done on a liquor series, the most typical is commemorative events, have to mark the 5th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to maotai (1997), the return maotai (1999), the Beijing Olympic Games commemorative maotai (2008), and so on, also has the traditional culture, such as maotai wine Confucius memorial.Throughout the market, other brands, such as Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Yanghe, Jiannanchun and other wine enterprises, are also in these three categories.However, a dark horse has emerged in the aspect of wenchuang liquor — Shede liquor.When wenchuang liquor has “killed” into a red sea, Shide liquor is like a clear stream, which opens up a new direction for the wenchuang liquor market.Maotai “old and vigorous”, shide wine is open to “ren Du two veins”, bringing a wind of innovation to wenchuang wine.In this year’s Zodiac wine market, Shere Wine launched the first cultural creation liquor with the theme of “ecological protection” in China — Shere • Year of the Tiger Vientiane new limited gift box set, paying tribute to the Chinese people’s dedication to “green mountains and clear waters” spirit.The gift box made a stunning appearance in the 2022 New Year’s Eve movie, Embracing everything New.See this gift box overall fresh and elegant, with the blue sky as the background color, delicate brush strokes vividly outline the mountains, jungles, birds, tigers, elephants and other scenes, lifelike, jump on the box, rich in “the year of the tiger spring breeze, give up everything new” good meaning.The design theme is inspired by two events last year, which attracted wide attention: yunnan elephant moving to the north and “Wandashan No.1” Siberian tiger being released into the wild. It pays tribute to the Chinese people’s dedication to the clear water and green mountains.The gift box is limited to 120,000 boxes, with a brand new cultural connotation, arousing people’s awareness of nature and ecological protection, and discussing the way to live in harmony with nature in the new era.Such ecological environmental protection as the theme of liquor, in the market also belongs to the first case!As a matter of fact, in addition to the “ecological wine” Xede • Year of the Tiger new limited gift box set launched this time, xede’s previous cultural and creative products have always been unique, including art Xede, Thor vulcan set and so on, each one is very amazing, rich in profound cultural connotation.In the cultural innovation wine this piece, it can be seen that willing to wine come from behind to take this market hold firmly!Facing 10 billion wenchuang liquor market, who is the main ups and downs in the future?Let’s wait and see.