Yang Yang’s Countdown to the Winter Olympics

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The countdown to the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics has begun.Yang Yang said that she was tired, but also very reluctant – “every day is very excited, full of energy, make people happy.”On February 16, the short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to a close.Yang Yang was finally able to go to the rest room to take photos and chat with the athletes. She was afraid of disturbing them because of the tight schedule.On this day in 2002, Yang Yang won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating final at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.Yang Yang, now the chairman of the Athletes’ committee of the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee, who works in a closed loop, recently had a remote interview with Zhuang Shengchun, a reporter from CCTV news’s relativity.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is not just about making memories for the present, but also for the future,” she said.Zhuang Shengchun: From the first gold medal 20 years ago to the presentation of the 2015 Olympic bid delegation, to this time as the chairman of the Athletes’ commission to participate in and witness the Winter Olympics, does it feel unreal?Yang Yang: If NOT, I think everything happened in the last two days.Wow, 20 years!How could that be?That’s even older than some of today’s athletes.Although they are different characters, perhaps because they have never been away from the game, they still feel very familiar, as if everything just happened yesterday.Zhuang Shengchun: The short track speed skating finished on the 16th. There is a saying on the Internet that “it is too exhausting to watch short track speed skating”.Yang Yang: Yeah, the heart is on edge from the heats.The first two days of the game, I just say hello and hurry to leave, afraid to affect them.When it was over, I took each of them for a picture and was very happy.Zhuang Shengchun: Dajing compared a “1”, you compared a “2”, what was the situation at that time?Yang: ha ha, big jing said, “I want to come again next”, he is better than a “1”, I said “that two forget it”, is a “2”, but in fact, I hope he don’t want to now four years later, now just enjoy a few days later, miss the opening ceremony, a good, nice and handsome to attend the closing ceremony.Zhuang Shengchun: Big jing say “again compare a session”, have you ever thought of?Yang Yang: It’s all understandable.But at least he’s not talking about retiring immediately, which is comforting to ice fans.Let it be. It’s not easy to last one Olympics.After retiring in 2006, Yang worked in international sports organizations and youth education organizations.The bidding concept of this year’s Beijing Winter Olympic Games is “athlete-centered, sustainable development and frugal handling of the games”.To this end, in the early preparations for the Winter Olympics, the athletes’ Commission was born, Yang Yang also had a new role as chairman of the committee.Yang Yang: Over the past six years, the Athletes’ Commission has made nearly 100 suggestions and suggestions, such as preparing sewing kits for figure skating to ensure timely repair of broken athletes’ suits, and opening up accessible channels for injured athletes to travel.We also want to have athletes’ names, handprints, footprints on the Olympic field, and I see some venues already have this arrangement.Let’s hope the Beijing Winter Olympics not only make memories of the present, but also memories of the winter Olympics for the future.From 2015 Olympic Bid presenter to 2022 Torchbearer Zhuang Shengchun: Have you been impressed by the feedback from foreign friends?Yang Yang: I watched the short track speed skating race, 1500 meters, with President Bach. He said to me, “You have to be very proud. It was really well done.”After hearing that, MY heart is really very proud.Zhuang Shengchun: This Winter Olympics is not only about our own 300 million people participating in ice sports. From your perspective, what does it mean to the world?Yang Yang: China’s winter sports is definitely a place to be exploited. China has such a big market prospect. Whether it’s equipment, technology or management talents, the dividend of 300 million people participating in winter sports belongs to the whole world.Zhuang Shengchun: how do you feel when you see the Winter Olympics coming to an end?Yang Yang: Very tired, but at the same time very sad.After all, every day is such a state of excitement, every day full of energy, or a very happy thing.Zhuang Shengchun: Did your six-year-old daughter pay attention to this Winter Olympics?Yang Yang: That’s what bothers me the most. Because she’s been away for a long time, she’s not very happy and refuses to play video with me.I discussed with the neighborhood children’s mothers to see if she could help take the children together to watch the game.My neighbors secretly took some videos of me, and they really enjoyed it.Zhuang Shengchun: On February 16th, the 20th anniversary of China’s first gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games, you said “believe in the power of sports”. Now the Winter Olympic Games are coming to an end. How do you understand the power of sports again?Yang Yang: It’s not just about winning the Olympic champion. From an individual point of view, it means self-improvement, self-breakthrough and self-growth. Sports have a huge impact on individuals.For a group, sports club to make a family together and make a community together, makes a country because of the movement to enhance the cohesion, but also can make the world under the same rules, mutual respect, mutual communication, mutual understanding, let us see the world a better place, this is what I see “the power of sport.Like our winter Paralympic Games, behind also please pay attention to.We can see the best in them, we can see them express themselves better, we can support them to integrate into society.Producer | Wang Shanshan, Zhang Ou, Producer | Zhuang Shengchun, Wang Jie, Xiong Jiangping, reporter | Zhuang Shengchun, director | Jin Zhuyin, Shan Chuyu, Zhang Ying, Yang Jier, Ma Chang, Technology | Xia Wen, Zhang Zongyao, Niu Yongyi, director | Zhang Xian, Zhang Di, Video | Yang Qing, Zhao Powen, filming | Chen Yizhe, Wei Rusong, Liu Shuzhe, Yang Guang, Vision | Yu Jiang, Wang ShaohuaWang Jian plans the disciplinary committee to scan the qr code below to download CCTV news client for more news