Surprise!Country feather days just announced a baby half a year ago, and now suspected tiger baby, husband fierce!

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Speaking of the Chinese sports women’s traditional strengths of the project, in addition to the women’s volleyball team, NvPing, women’s diving and women’s weightlifting, this will have to mention Chinese women’s badminton team in team medal competition on the world stage, and the mentioned Chinese women plume in successive days, had to mention Li Xuerui the legendary female feather a elder sister.Just, the Li Xuerui that does not appear for a long time appears, bloated figure is suspected to conceive 2 children, just announced half a year ago give birth to her of a child, it may be said that life is a big winner really.Li Xuerui did not enter the Chinese Badminton Team until 2010, so it can be seen that Li Xuerui was not a key player trained by The National Badminton Team at that time.However after entering the Chinese national feather, Li Xuerui like opened hung, although the feather in China published a list of the 2012 Olympics in London for the first time in Li Xuerui dropping by just team soon, but in a series of games ahead of the 2012 Olympics in London, Li Xuerui from Germany, Britain, the brocade and Indian championship, achieved astonishing 30 wins in three months,Such a record let the previous lonely unknown she finally caught up with the London Olympic Games not bus, instead of Wang Shixian to compete in the London Olympic Games women’s singles competition.London Olympics Li Xuerui way, and ultimately with the feather and reach the final yihan wang, a sister in the Derby in the final of China, advance by predicting Li Xuerui play particularly well, although after missed two match points in the second inning was into the final game, but she did not good psychological quality is affected by the game on,Finally beat the world no. 1 Wang Yihan to win the gold medal of women’s singles in London Olympic Games.At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Li reached the semifinals, but was injured in the semifinals and finished the match with the injury, but still lost.After more than 20 months of recuperation, she won her first competition in 2018, but decided to retire in 2019 due to repeated injuries.The Li Xuerui after retiring opened another paragraph to open the journey of life that hangs, after announcing to retire before long, with respect to the player Qiao Bin that is world-class champion likewise tie the knot, Qiao Bin is tall and handsome, also be loving to Li Xuerui add.After retirement, Li became an associate professor at Chongqing University and led a very comfortable life.On May 21, 2021, Li Xuerui announced to the outside world the good news that she was promoted to be a “treasure mother” and gave birth to a cute baby.However, just now, the long-lost Li Xuerui updated the latest dynamic in the personal social platform, in a photo of a family of three, Li Xuerui’s belly protruding very obvious, not only reminds people that she may have been pregnant with a second baby tiger baby, two children in two years, Li Xuerui is really a winner in life.Surprise!Li Xuerui just announced half a year ago baby, now suspected pregnant two children, life winner!What do the fans think?Welcome to discuss, follow and like!