Practice three business principles and become a professional who exceeds expectations

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In the era of Internet knowledge explosion, many people suffer from a disease called “success anxiety”.Students who used to be similar to themselves suddenly realized wealth and freedom through knowledge realization of “we media”;A colleague marries a rich handsome man and leads an enviable life of opulence;The post-00s make millions of dollars selling goods live.These things happen almost every day, and with all kinds of new media, everyone has to run on the road to success.If you have this anxiety, check out “Exceeding Expectations: Yitaro Matsuura’s Life Management Principles.”Exceeding Expectations: The Life Management Principles of Yitaro Matsuura is a book written by yitaro Matsuura, a renowned publisher, author, and aesthetician of life.Born in 1965 in Tokyo, Matsuura left school at the age of 18 to work and went to the United States without speaking a word of English.At the age of 35, he began to sell second-hand books purchased from the United States. At 37, he opened his first official second-hand bookstore and became one of the most popular bookstores in Japan.At the age of 40, he became the editor-in-chief of a magazine on the verge of bankruptcy, and the sales of the magazine began to flourish. At 50, he started a food website to keep pace with the development of the Internet.Matsuura is constantly switching career tracks, exceeding expectations at every track.He selflessly shares his decades-long business philosophy with Beyond Expectations, which aims to inspire people to eliminate anxiety and regain confidence.In his book, Matsuura, a brilliant professional, offers a wealth of principles that can help business owners and employees alike.”More people in the world discover what they are good at at work than turn it into work.”– “Exceeding Expectations: Matsuura Yitaro’s Principles of Life Management” My career consulting partners often talk about their current career confusion, always complaining that their current job is not what they like, no growth, blindly doing repetitive work and useless work, all of which are full of anxiety.Every time I ask my friends, “What do you like and excel at?”Little friends are always struck dumb by questions.It’s a common problem of many professionals that they don’t know what they like, even though they don’t like their current job.In fact, in this case, it is better to focus on the present work to do a good job, to make achievements.As long as any work wants to improve, it can always get the attention of the boss or peers through continuous micro-innovation, and give affirmation and recognition.In the process, you will gradually discover what you are better than others and what you are good at.Put yourself in your boss’s shoes When your boss asks you to prepare materials, think about how you can make your boss satisfied.You need to not just do what you’re told, but figure out how to exceed expectations and make them more satisfied.The boss arranges for Xiao Li to buy a train ticket. Two hours later, Xiao Li comes back and says there are no tickets.In desperation, the boss arranged xiao Zhao to go to the train station to see, Xiao Zhao after a long time to come back, his answer is: the train ticket is indeed sold out, I investigated some other methods, please boss decision.1. Expensive tickets cost 100 yuan more each. There are 15 available.2. If you are looking for connections, I have a friend at the police station who can put 10 people on the train, but only standing ticket.3. You can change trains midway.4. If it is possible to take a car, the cost, time, etc.If you were the boss, would you prefer Xiao Li or Xiao zhao?After receiving a job assignment, you need not only to simply complete it, but also to put yourself in the other’s shoes, think clearly about the purpose of the task, from the perspective of purpose to do the work, in order to exceed the expectations of the boss.”In business, it is necessary to always confirm what weapons we are fighting with, what are our strengths, and what stage we are in to compete with others.”– “Beyond expectations: Matsuura Yitaro’s Principles of Life Management” It is necessary for every employee to always confirm what his strengths and weapons are, and where he is better than his colleagues in the same department. Only by fighting with his core skills can he stand out in the organization.We need to pay special attention to the fact that we should not spend a lot of time on fixing our weaknesses.Understand what kind of organization you are in, the corporate culture of state-owned, private and foreign enterprises is different.State-owned enterprises speak of dedication, private enterprises speak of efficiency, foreign enterprises speak of loyalty.In the 996 organization with a high salary do not complain, in the 955 organization safely do not envy other people’s high salary.Sing the song on the stage, do not sing the wrong song out of tune.”Twenty years ago I didn’t find work as interesting as I do now,” Matsuura said.When I was young, I did not bear heavy responsibilities and did not make outstanding achievements.It’s not fun because it’s not hugely rewarding.”If you’re having trouble or getting stuck at work, be sure to read Beyond Expectations by Yitaro Matsuura!