Japanese actress Sora Aoi wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year after catching COVID-19

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Japanese actress Sora Aoi recently posted on social media that her two sons had contracted COVID-19 while in a nursery.She and her husband got infected while they were taking care of the baby.The good news is that Sora’s symptoms are mild and she has asked her fans not to worry about her anymore.Sora also wished everyone a happy New Year, saying: “Tomorrow is the 30th of the New Year, I wish everyone a happy New Year!”It seems sora still needs to strengthen her study of Chinese culture, because this year’s lunar calendar is not 30, New Year’s Eve is 29.Still, sora’s concern for her Chinese fans is heartwarming.In fact, Sora has attached great importance to Chinese fans since very early on. She once came to China for development. Although she has not shifted her focus to China now, it is not clear what the future will be.Sora sora once came to China to attend an event 10 years ago, when Yang LAN and others were also at the scene, several people also took a close photo.After the incident, Yang LAN’s husband was so angry that he took to social media to criticize the organizers.Although he pays lip service to respecting other people’s work, it is clear that he feels that Yang LAN is insulted by the fact that she and Sora attended an event together.So sora’s trip to China is over.If it had not caused too much controversy this time, maybe we would have seen Sora in some New Year movies, appreciate her superb acting.After aoi got married, she lived a standard family life.After the birth of a child, even more reclusive.But she does have a social media account in China, so Sora often uses social media to convey her concern for her Chinese fans.Perhaps, all the nice gestures to Chinese fans now will pave the way for her to come back to China in the future.Last Year’s Spring Festival, Sora aoi wrote a lot of Chinese New Year greetings with a brush, “Good luck in the Year of the Ox”, “successful weight loss”, “Happy New Year”, she said: “New Year soon, how do you celebrate the New Year?”Sora’s calligraphy may not be in the eyes of experts, but I think it’s better than 70% of Chinese people, right?On Chinese New Year’s Day, Sora posted a series of photos of herself and her children dressed in cow costumes, saying, “Good luck in the Year of the Ox. Wish you all the best. I love you all.”Remember, Japan is not the lunar New Year, sora’s move is indeed very thoughtful.On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Sora Went to Chinatown to buy tangyuan.When the children put to sleep, Aoi was happy to cook the dumplings: “Happy Lantern Festival, the children finally went to sleep, so I can finally eat the dumplings I bought!”On Tomb-sweeping Day, Sora aoi did not say anything, after all, this festival is not suitable to say “happy holidays”…But on 520, Sora posted social media updates.It’s a Chinese homophone folk online festival, but Sora still looks at the screen to express her love for her Chinese fans.There is no Teachers’ Day in Japan, but like us, The Japanese respect their teachers very much.So on September 10, Sora also sent out a blessing to teachers: “Happy Teachers’ Day!”As for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it goes without saying.It’s the second biggest holiday after Chinese New Year, and Sora certainly didn’t do nothing. She posted a photo of her dyed hair, then made a moon-themed cake with her friends, and lamented that she couldn’t see the full moon when it rained.There aren’t many foreign stars out there wishing Chinese fans a happy National Day on October 1. Sora is one of them.Sora’s gesture was quickly rewarded by her fans.At the end of last year, several Chinese fans approached Sora specifically to celebrate her birthday.But it wasn’t actually Sora’s birthday.Sora is very happy, not birthday should not disappoint the kindness of fans.So she wore a wreath on her head and happily celebrated her birthday with Chinese fans.New Year’s Day 2022, this is the Japanese New Year.But Sora’s outfit also gave the holiday a Chinese tinge.She and her son, dressed as a baby tiger, wished everyone a “happy Year of the Tiger.”Remarkably, Sora’s two sons are absent, but it’s clear that the twins don’t look alike.Now that Sora is infected with COVID-19, of course fans are concerned.People left messages in the comments section wishing her a speedy recovery and wishing her good health.Of course, as I said, Sora’s interest in China is not all about selfless love.Although she can no longer move into China and is a stay-at-home mom with children, she still has some business ambitions.Sora, who has her own brand, said on social media: “Thank you all for your support, our product has been very popular with Japanese mothers since its launch on June 18.I hope Chinese mothers can try it soon.I want to go to China as soon as possible.I want to meet everyone.”It’s very straightforward.Sora is one of many Chinese mothers who took advantage of being at home with their children to start a side business.Her brand is related to pregnancy and baby, and anyone who knows a little about it knows that this is a big market.Just because of the current situation, Sora can’t develop her brand in the mainland.So wooing Chinese fans is part of her plan to advance the Chinese market.Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year, and WISH Aoi a happy year of the Tiger and a speedy recovery!Pay attention to @fishing amusement park, your recommendation will be more interesting entertainment.