In the world: Zheng Juan initiative and bingkun sex, love or life trapped by forced

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“The World”, life is hard, see the fickleness of the world.Zhou Bingkun when Zheng Juan gave birth to a child, was water artesian and Luo Shi bin launched to install the child’s father, since then, Zhou Bingkun is often to help Zheng Juan.When Zhou Bingkun went to visit Zheng Juan with brown sugar, Zheng Juan forced Zhou Bingkun to speak out of the heart, two people like each other and miss, Zheng Juan is the initiative to kiss Zhou Bingkun, explain that he will not tease him, as long as he can often come to visit himself, then two people rolled together.In the 1970s, a young widow with a newborn child, life is difficult, Zheng Juan initiative close to Zhou Bingkun in the end is feeling or because of life difficulties, want to get his help with Zhou Bingkun close?Due to her poor family, Zheng Juan developed an independent, precocious and bold character. In the difficult and helpless situation at home, she had to try her best to find someone to rely on to help her, but she did not have any resources and ability herself, so the only person she could use was herself.Zheng Juan realized very early Zhou Bingkun like themselves, but also know Zhou Bingkun is a good man, is noble, in her life in Zhou Bingkun continuously support their own process, she also know that in this world, only can depend on is Zhou Bingkun, but she also know oneself to take their children, family difficulties, not necessarily Zhou Bingkun parents agree and support at home.Zhou Bingkun is not good at words, and will not take the initiative to express their ideas, for the children and their own life, and get zhou Bingkun protection, Zheng Juan can only take the initiative to Zhou Bingkun “dedication” to show the heart, and get his help, in order to spend a difficult life.Zheng Juan takes the initiative and Zhou Bingkun is close, since affection is to, two people like each other, also have because of life force at the same time, need to get zhou Bingkun’s help reason, regard as a weak woman, for survival and life, also do not have other method, do you think?This article by the blue sky heart like water original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!All pictures are provided for free online, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.