In River Dawn, some people are pitiful on the surface, while others are strong on the surface

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The end of the year has come, when the dawn of the river, we are born to the sun.This mystery drama, which has reached its eighth episode, is not so much a mystery drama as a group drama of women dressed as a mystery drama.During the course of watching the series, I followed the clues set by the writers to find the truth, while watching the different women in the series struggle to survive in their own lives.Their choices, their experiences, their confusion.Follow the story of every ups and downs, tightly clenched you my heart.1, Li Xiaonan cold behind the strong accidental drowning sister once told Li Xiaonan, “in marriage, stability is more important than anything”.So after the death of her sister, Xiaonan’s only hope for life is to live a warm and practical life.She met Su Rui at that time, and their love began with the cup of hot water handed to her in KTV.Su Rui told Xiaonan, if the sister is still in, must hope that she had a lively life.A simple sentence, so poke in the girl’s heart the most soft place.After marriage, she changed from a girl to a wife.In the face of the husband who always dreams of making money, she is good at giving full play to guidance and actively plans for the future of the home.They scrape together a down payment to buy a house, shamelessly borrow money from their parents.Only to get a put-down from my mother.Su Rui fry owe 500 thousand debt, Xiaonan did not leave the worthless husband, she just want to help him pay off the debt first.And when Xiaonan trembling hug 40 thousand yuan cash to find creditor Tiger brother, tiger brother took out su Rui to borrow money when the recording to her.A weak quality female flow station in a bunch of small mix in the pile, Xiaonan listen to Su Rui say those words without conscience.She put her hands over her mouth and cried.All say home is a warm haven, but when Xiaonan su Rui hold up this harbor, the man did not care about her.After Su Rui died, Xiaonan did not get depressed.To outsiders, she was surprisingly calm.Before Su Rui was buried, she set out to earn money for fear that the stall owner next to her would rob her booth and lose a source of income.Her mother-in-law cursed her for having no conscience, and the newspapers portrayed her as a cold widow.But few people know, in this paragraph of marriage, good Sir Su Rui had an affair early, still to Xiaonan implement domestic violence.In the dead of night, Li Xiaonan pushed a heavy tricycle through the uphill road home alone.Only her heavy breathing could be heard in the dark night.Life is your own and you don’t have to explain it to others. Li xiaonan knows this well.In debt, in upheaval.She hardly complained to anyone else.Tiger brother every three to the night market to collect debts, Li Xiaonan bent to beg each other for a period of time.For others, perhaps have no idea to earn the night market stall on this little money, but Li Xiaonan believes that every little makes a mica mica.Her down-to-earth and practical nature became the most shining quality in the face of hardships.She said to the debtor, “MY money is scrambled bowl by bowl.”As she told su Rui, a newlywed with a high ambition and a low hand, “a good life is something to build, not a bet on.”But the road ahead, perhaps did not free and easy as ever, but right now For Li Xiaonan, has been the strongest choice that she can make.As Su Rui’s mistress, Yu Hong is the first female villain in the series.Yu Hong, who just appeared, has long curly hair, a pale and haggard face, and red lips.She worked in a real estate company under the title of second generation.In addition to the company to provide their own home housing, basically do not do anything related to work.Publicity, domineering, shallow, barbaric, these are the label on the body of Yu Hong.But actually Yu Hong grew up in a family that valued boys over girls.As the head of the family, the father only has eyes for his son.She was sensitive to shrimp, which had never been on the family table before her brother was born.But after my younger brother was born, he loved to eat shrimp, and my father asked my mother to cook it differently every time.So far in her short life, only Su Rui remembers her shrimp allergy.In that warm home, she seemed to have everything and nothing.So the first time to see Su Rui in the office, she envy Li Xiaonan has a husband who knows pain.The two began an illicit relationship.When Yu Hong asked Su Rui, “What should I do if I have a child?”At this time su Rui said an extramarital affair in the men are good at the lie, “there is birth, son and daughter I like!”Yu Hong regarded Su Rui’s passion for her as true love.Women who have affairs have a superstitious mindset that they are the one who should be with them.As Yu Hong said, Su Rui told her that he was not happy with Li Xiaonan, but happy with her.What a platitude lie, but Yu Hong, or fell in.After Su Rui dies, Yu Hong’s mistress identity is exposed.In the face of colleagues’ cynicism, always do not suffer a direct irony in Hong, “have the ability you also do small three”!After the accident abortion, yu Hong holding the heart of su Rui’s funeral.In front of relatives and friends, she scolded Li Xiaonan this wife all over the body.The whole point was to get justice for Surui and for myself.When her father found out about her scandal, he came to her house and cursed her.Although the mother was distressed, but did not dare to say a word.Yu hong finally chooses to commit suicide by cutting her wrists in front of Su Rui’s grave. Before falling into a coma, she calls Li Xiaonan and says, “Su Rui loves me very much. We will soon be reunited as a family of three.”At the last moment, she declared war triumphantly.She thought she was clutching the flag of victory.This woman gave malice to all people, but the goodwill to that called Su Rui unfaithful han.The night before Su Rui’s floating body, she fought with su Rui and fled in panic.But because of worries about su Rui’s wound hurried back to the hotel.Later, when she realized that Su Rui had a different purpose for approaching her from the very beginning, she remembered su Rui’s indifference and estrangement to her after she was pregnant.Since childhood to the lack of warmth, so that Yu Hong mistakenly think that a little lust is love.Be gentle with her and she’ll give you everything.Fortunately, the final suicide was sent to the hospital in time by Li Xiaonan.She doesn’t have to pay for everything.Xiaonan’s mother lost her husband early, leaving her two daughters to be brought up by herself.Kind mother Li mother-in-law received around to take care of.In more than two decades, she had gone from being a little woman who couldn’t sleep at the sound of a mouse to a pushy mother.In order to support her family in those years, she used the spare money around to set up a hardware store, from a variety of screws can not distinguish to run the store well.In Xiaonan’s words, she lived herself as a person like nails.Such a strong li mother in the treatment of her daughter’s education, it is hard to avoid the lack of delicate and gentle, her own unrealized brilliant life is a natural hope for her daughter to continue.But the good times did not last long, capable and intelligent eldest daughter died because of accident.But ordinary Xiaonan found a house without car without deposit su Rui.When Xiaonan home to borrow money, the mother in addition to sad, more is distressed.Her gas xiaonan does not know how to plan for yourself like my sister.He blamed his daughter for not giving him comfort, and then hid in the room holding the photo of his eldest daughter to shed tears.Parents of that generation seem to be like this, rarely reveal their own soft.In the treatment of children, blame and criticism are often used instead of caring.But they love their children as much as any mother.When Xiaonan accident accident, she rushed over for the first time, do a table meal for her daughter, the purchase of several days of fruit and vegetables.When Yu Hong’s son-in-law’s funeral, she first rushed up and each other into a fight.When the real crisis comes, the first block in front of her daughter is her, the first shelter for her daughter is also her.The family always burst forth in times of crisis, enough to offset the little squabbles and disputes in getting along.This Spring Festival, I spent it in Xi ‘an alone.Never thought, is this suspense drama to accompany me through.Regardless of the reasoning and brain-burning plot, I prefer each character in their own destiny to explore the way forward.In love, keep your eyes open and your morals.In marriage, I appreciate Li Xiaonan’s sureness and tenacity.And Li mother let me see every blame from the family behind, that ardent care and attention.The Spring Festival is coming. May we be brave in our own way of life.When the river shines at dawn, it is born to the sun.Listen to other people’s stories and get insight into the meaning behind them