Ice dance drama “WE ARE ONE” experience the charm of ice performance up close

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The ice dance drama WE ARE ONE, starring world champion figure skaters Pang Qing and Tong Jian, premiered at the Grand Theater of Tianqiao Art Center in Beijing.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice dance drama WE ARE ONE, starring world champion figure skaters Pang Qing and Tong Jian, premiered at the Grand Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Art Center on February 11 and 12.Beijing press Center 2022 Let Chinese and foreign journalists and Beijing audience walk into the theater outside the arena and experience the charm of ice performance up close.In addition, the play is also a visual event of figure skating, the audience can come to the theater, can closely enjoy the performance of top figure skaters, dazzling skills, for the audience to provide an exquisite feast of ice and snow.As “Beijing” Olympic cultural festival and the 22nd “meet” Beijing international art festival is an important performance of the ice ballet “WE ARE ONE” theme of the Olympic spirit heritage and hope by China famous figure skater, figure skating world champion qing pang, jian tong starring, numerous flower small players to participate in performances.The show tells the story of two senior skating coaches leading their little team members to prepare for figure skating competition under the condition of scarce resources.During this period, there are laughter and tears, there are growing period of hesitation and confusion, there are also setbacks in the firm persistence, with ice language to describe the coach and team members happy family growth experience, is another innovation and sublimation of sports and art.The whole performance takes “pre-competition selection” as the main line and creates a row around the theme of “inheritance and Hope”. It shows the fighting spirit of a generation of ice skaters leading the young people who love figure skating to constantly challenge themselves, strive to be the first, and never give up easily, releasing the youth vitality of a new generation of young people who love figure skating.Ice dance in the theater, there are many challenges.For the first time, the Chinese ice making team broke through numerous technical difficulties and built a smooth and white ice rink of more than 300 square meters within 48 hours. This is the first ice drama in China and a major breakthrough in ice culture.In order to present the best performance effect, the grand Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Art Center has also been transformed into a splendid ice stage.The performance uses sound and photoelectric sensory effects to reflect the rhythm of the slide, which is a passionate collision between the slide and the audio-visual effects.While highlighting traditional culture, the whole performance combined culture, art and sports with figure skating, bringing the audience unprecedented visual experience and injecting new vitality into figure skating culture.At the same time, it popularized ice culture and guided more and more teenagers to participate in ice sports, which played an important role in “driving 300 million people to participate in ice sports”.”We cheer for the athletes on the track, and we cheer for the Winter Olympics with our original ice drama outside the track,” tong Jian, the main producer, said in an interview with the Newspaper. “Through our efforts to tell Chinese stories, we can attract more people’s attention to figure skating.”It is reported, “Beijing” Olympic cultural festival and the 22nd “Beijing” in international art festival by the culture and tourism, the People’s Republic of China state administration of radio, television, the Beijing municipal people’s government, Beijing to host the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympic games organization committee, China’s foreign cultural group co., LTD., Beijing culture and tourism,It is an important cultural activity during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Activities with sports as a link, with culture as the bearing, as a whole at home and abroad of the Olympic culture and traditional art resources, flexible use of a variety of display and science and technology, through the performing arts, visual arts, film screening, urban activities and celebration of five sections, in the form of “online and offline”, offer the audience from 22 countries and regions hundreds of field activities.Qinghai Daily (February 14, 2022, 4th edition: Key News) Statement: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily except the source indicated, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!