How painful is it for a woman to be widowed?

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The so-called woman is widowed, that is to say, this woman has a husband, but live no husband, widow general life!So how painful is it for a woman to be a widow?Widowed women, the first thing to face mental pressure!Sister Zhao and her husband, due to work, have been separated from each other for more than 10 years since they got married.In Zhao’s heart, in addition to her daughter grew up to represent her husband, including a community of neighbors, as a single mother.And every time to open a parents’ meeting for her daughter, the teacher from the beginning of the way to greet the child’s father, to the present silent about the child’s father, may be in the teacher’s heart, her daughter is a single parent family!Widowhood with mental pressure, little psychological pressure!Last year when her husband came back on vacation, Zhao finally could not help but put forward a divorce, when her husband heard zhao’s reasons, the husband was not surprised, did not object, two people so in a very calm state, to handle the divorce formalities!Zhao wanted to understand, rather than this misunderstanding, it is better to simply divorce, do a real single mother.Half a year after the divorce, Sister Zhao met her current husband, and now their children have been one year old. Recalling the widowed days for more than ten years, Sister Zhao always waved her hands ~ unbearable!