Guangzhou team seismic salary reduction: pre-tax maximum annual salary of only 600,000!Only 10% of the players get it

2022-05-14 0 By

According to sources, Guangzhou Football Club today issued a notice on the recruitment and salary standards of football club players, with the starting salary line for first-team players set at 60,000 yuan per year before tax and the maximum salary line set at 600,000 yuan per year before tax.What is noteworthy is that this plan is made in accordance with the requirements of Evergrande Group “to build Evergrande Football School into a cradle for Chinese football stars, and Guangzhou Football Team should make a good cradle platform”.According to the plan, Guangzhou Club will set up four teams, namely the first team, the reserve team, the echelon team and the women’s football team. The first team has a total number of 30 people, and four salary levels including outstanding main force, main force, main force substitute and substitute are set up.Reserve team 20 people, echelon team and women’s football 25 people each, set up the main force, main force substitute, substitute, selected four salary levels.With two years ago the club Evergrande distraction compared to train the player’s salary standard, the new season guangzhou team first-team players starting line from the salary of 96000 yuan to 60000 yuan, main players in the top salary sharply down from 5 million yuan to 600000 yuan, is not only far lower than the salary standard of the Chinese football association regulation, and only the number of less than 10% can get pre-tax salary for 600000.Meanwhile, the club this afternoon officially announced the termination of naturalised players akessen, Goulart, Alan, lo Guofu and fernando.In this regard, some professionals comment that The new salary system of Guangzhou Club is made by Evergrande under the well-known business difficulties, which means that Evergrande will still be the actual controller of the club in the new season, and its focus will be further shifted to escort the outstanding youth players of Evergrande Football School.With the release of naturalized players, there may be a wave of high-paid players leaving in the future. In the next season of the Chinese Super League in 2022, Guangzhou Football Team is likely to be the “home alone”, and the players trained by Evergrande football School will take over.It is reported that the first team of Guangzhou Football Team had 12 players trained and sent by Evergrande football School last season, including Tan Kaiyuan, Ling Jie, Wang Shilong and Yang Dejiang. They have already played in top competitions in China and Even Asia, including Chinese Super League, among which Tan Kaiyuan scored 3 goals and Ling Jie scored 2 goals.In the 10 years since its establishment, Evergrande Football School has successively sent more than 481 players to national training teams of all ages, and more than 100 players have played for Chinese Super League, Chinese First Division and Chinese Second Division teams.The women’s football team he trained finished runner-up in The Chinese League Last season, and national player Zhang Linyan won the title of Most Valuable Player in the women’s Asian Cup finals.