For the sound of firecrackers, fireworks gorgeous flavor, he resolutely returned to the countryside for the New Year

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Yesterday, Lao Li went back to the countryside with his wife and children for the Spring Festival.No crackling firecrackers, no light smoke of fireworks, every day at home to watch TV or play mobile phone, The Spring Festival is no different from the usual two-day weekend, nothing more than a few days of rest, so the Spring Festival without the taste of the year, he has had enough.There is no fireworks, there is no taste of the New Year, the city does not let firecrackers, do not let fireworks, this makes Lao Li very do not understand, if it is because of air pollution, but the car exhaust in the city, billowing smoke pipe, is there no pollution, do not let drive because of pollution like banned fireworks, do not let production?One might say that a car is a daily necessity.However, if the New Year’s Day without firecrackers will not have the taste of the year, year also had a few tasteless, like a lack of what, this is not a necessity?Now not only big cities ban firecrackers and fireworks, even five or six lines of small counties also learn from big cities, began to ban fireworks.A friend’s child, in previous years will buy some firecrackers to play, this year also want to play, but the small city is also prohibited to set off, but with children to the countryside to play a happy.Not long ago, an expert suggested reinstating the city’s fireworks permit to allow traditional festivals to return to their proper form, which Lao Li appreciated and hoped that the day would come soon so that the traditional items of the Spring Festival could be better preserved and passed on.In a novel example of the benefits of setting off fireworks during the Lunar New Year, Li said that, in addition to the traditional exorcism, the smoke can also disinfect the air and destroy the Novel Coronavirus.It’s not a superstition, it’s based on science.He said there is a custom of steaming steamed buns in rural areas, and steamed buns should be eaten until the 15th day of the first lunar month.If it is hot, steamed bread is easy to moldy, so it is smoked with sulfur. The steamed bread that has been smoked not only becomes very white, but also won’t become moldy again. It can be seen that sulfur has the effect of disinfection.Sulfur is an important ingredient in the gunpowder of firecrackers and fireworks, so Lao Li believes that setting off fireworks not only does not pollute the air, but can also disinfect it.Although li’s claim has not been scientifically verified, fireworks were used to control a disease pandemic in history.Some people say that setting off firecrackers will hurt people and cause fires. In fact, this is excessive prevention, but also rough management.It is forbidden to set off firecrackers if it hurts people, which is no different from banning cars if they may cause traffic accidents.There is a demand there is a market, now there are electronic firecrackers, but not many people to buy, in addition to hear the sound, still no feeling of the year, in fact, setting off firecrackers is not a put on the taste of the Year, and everyone is set off, to form the atmosphere of the year, to have the taste of the year.The Spring Festival is not a personal, family Spring Festival, only we spend together, happy together, is the real happy Spring Festival.Lao Li think of the law do not know whether to agree with, agree to fire firecrackers and fireworks please praise support.