District Education Bureau held the 2022 “Spring First Lesson” and training session for principals and secretaries

2022-05-14 0 By

On the morning of February 14th, Zhuhui District Education Bureau held the 2022 “Spring First Lesson” and training meeting for principals and secretaries in the district youth Activity Center.District Education bureau party secretary, director Luo Guanghui chaired the meeting.At the meeting, tan Wenyu and 18 other comrades were announced to suspend their duties as deputy secretary and vice president.Members of the bureau team were trained separately on the work in their charge.Luo Guanghui summarized the work of the District Education Bureau in 2021: in the past year, leaders attached unprecedented importance to education, cadres’ understanding of education was unprecedented, functional departments’ support for education was unprecedented, financial investment in education was unprecedented, and education system officers’ entrepreneurial passion was unprecedented.According to the meeting, the key tasks for 2022 include: first, in-depth implementation of education reform, second, solid progress in school education, third, continuous training of teachers, and fourth, exploration and optimization of institutional Settings.The meeting stressed that in order to do a good job this year, we must cherish the new post and rely on character to gain trust;Identify new requirements and demonstrate competence through work;Create new performance, rely on word of mouth to win respect;Establish a new image, rely on the quality of progress.Members of the group of the district Education Bureau, cadres above the deputy division level of the bureau, heads of departments of the bureau, principals (including executive principals) of primary and secondary schools affiliated to the district, township central schools, private schools, party (general) branch secretaries, principals of public kindergartens and 18 new deputy secretaries and vice principals attended the meeting.(Correspondent: Zhang Yuanyuan)