Buy YARiS L to enjoy a discount of 0.8 thousand great benefits invite you to appreciate

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Good time to buy a new car to enjoy the hot sales, priced from 74,800 yuan, promotion policies are as follows:① New to enjoy a direct drop of 8000 yuan ② 30%~70% down payment ③ enjoy replacement subsidies (limited models) ④ Rich online lottery gift more preferential welcome to shop address Guangzhou Panyu District Nancun Town Xingnan Avenue 741-757 (Metro Line 7 member gang B near the exit) details are as follows:YARiSL, equipped with high-efficiency powertrain with super intelligent continuously variable transmission, the whole system is equipped with standard body stability control system, intelligent fuel saving start and stop system and other safety and energy saving equipment.Fuel consumption 5.1L under the comprehensive working condition of 100km, fashionable and dynamic appearance, streamlined body design is favored by young people.Manufacturer certified sales consultant for your close service, GaC Toyota let you buy a car more at ease.During the epidemic period, exhibition halls are regularly disinfected every day, sales consultants wear masks, and exhibition cars are disinfected frequently, so that you can feel more secure when looking at cars!The event will run from February 13, 2022 to February 28, 2022