Automatic crystal point tester (Chinese and Western equipment) model: M343571

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Automatic crystal point tester 1.2.1 Equipment use:Products comply with the standards GB/T 3145-1982 determination of benzene crystallization point, GB/T 3069.2-2005 determination of naphthalene crystallization point, GB/T 3710-2009 determination of industrial phenol and phenol crystallization point,Determination of crystallization point of organic chemical products and determination of crystallization point of chemical reagents GB/T7533-1993-2005Determination of crystallization point of plasticizer.GB/T13255.2-2009 Determination of caprolactam crystallization point for industrial use 2.2 Equipment and device specification and requirements:Implement standard GB/T 3145-1982, GB/T 3069.2-2005, GB/T3710-2009, GB/T7533-1993-2005, GB/T618-2006, GB/T1663-2001 MODEL DRT-2130D host specifications Equipment structure adopts two kinds of computer control, can run independently or by computer control;The instrument adopts double bath, high temperature bath and low temperature bath, according to the requirements of the experiment to choose suitable bath to experiment.· Automatic control, press one button to start and finish the experiment;· The experimental program can be arbitrarily called out, modified, saved, set and added;· Motor stirring, stirring 60 times per minute;· Built-in self-check and calibration system, more convenient operation;· Experimental results:Can store 100, refer to and print at any time, for multiple dimensions (mm) 450×365×330 (mm) instrument weight (kg) 35kg technical parameters crystal point measurement range -10 ~ 170℃ crystal point measurement accuracy ±0.01℃, the instrument adopts the British Continental temperature control system,The temperature measurement component is PT100 quartz temperature sensor produced by JUMO in Germany.High temperature bath using methyl silicone oil as heat conduction medium, measuring range 40-170℃±0.1℃ low temperature bath using alcohol or antifreeze as medium, temperature control range -20-50℃±0.1℃ automatic function automatic refrigeration, automatic mixing, automatic detection results, automatic storage, automatic printing, automatic control.Refrigeration mode: DIGITAL DISPLAY PID single-chip temperature control system, Germany imported Danvers compressor refrigeration, display mode: 10 inch color LCD screen, Chinese operation interface, touch screen input, graphic and text display exquisite without sawtooth, bright color, high resolution display;Plastic injection molding integrated display panel frame beautiful and generous;Full Chinese operation interface, intuitive display.At the same time, with authority management function, effectively avoid non-personnel to set the key parameters of the tester.Operating system Windows operating system, software can be upgraded, Dairite company operating software heating system two sets of bath using outer ceramic heater, no electric spark generation, to avoid the bath water leakage and leakage accident, input system touch screen input, the instrument comes with touch screen letters and numbers keyboard, can input Chinese and English,Human body induction touch button, no mechanical contact, dustproof and waterproof, anti rf interference, long service life.Also can be connected to the external keyboard input, printing function 20 dot matrix Chinese characters printing, the instrument built-in micro thermal printer, its printing more quiet, fast, clear.Experimental results can be printed automatically.Data output USB/232 communication interface and upper computer communication, easy to form a centralized management system, this machine can be connected to the LIMS system.The repeatability error is less than 0.02℃.Other parameters operating environment 10℃ to 30℃ power supply voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz.Power: 1800W