A son-in-law from Hunan province visited his mother-in-law’s house in Shaanxi province for the Spring Festival and made fun of a table full of cold dishes

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Nowadays, the popularity of high-speed rail not only shortens the time, but also shortens the distance between people.Long-distance marriage, no longer what difficult, even can be said to become more and more popular.It is said that when southerners and northerners marry, they produce more intelligent children.However, there is no denying that there are great differences between the North and the South, no matter in terms of personality, diet, customs and so on, it takes more energy and time to adapt to each other.Recently, a son-in-law from Hunan province went to his mother-in-law’s house in Shaanxi province for the Spring Festival. Because he did not understand the local customs, he joked that the table was full of cold dishes, so he could hardly eat a meal without shivering.Netizens from the south were sympathetic, while the comments from the north were a bit poignant.What’s going on here?Ankang, Shaanxi province, Feb. 14.A son-in-law of hunan accompanied his wife to the mother-in-law home New Year’s day, is the first time to the sake of shaanxi liangpi man only heard about big names, shaanxi meat clip buns, etc., when a big table on the mother-in-law, son-in-law paused, although call out is what kind of food do, but to be sure all is cold, because of heat.In the north, the weather is colder, according to the habit of Hunan, eat a table of steaming hot dishes in the winter to warm up, is how happy a thing.Suddenly, the man’s heart cool big half, also have no appetite.After the video was posted online, it sparked heated debate among netizens.Some netizens said: “I thought it was semi-finished products, but also put the pot processing.””Southerners can’t eat without hot food.””It’s a shaanxi custom to serve cold dishes first, drink wine with fists, and serve hot dishes after three rounds of wine.Hot dishes are served early, which affects the atmosphere of drinking.”Others took it a step further: “You can’t wait for hot food!””If you don’t know anything, it doesn’t hurt to ask.””It is wrong to mock your mother-in-law’s hospitality!”It seems that this is indeed the custom in Shaanxi.But there is a drawback, if you are a son-in-law who can’t drink, you will probably drink yourself to the ground before serving hot food.Even if the wine is good, the hot food should be almost full, and then the hot food is wasted.In winter, the taste of cold dishes with wine is cold, hot dishes hot pot wine is not sweet?Perhaps this is something the south does not understand.Just as people in the North mainly eat pasta, they are not used to rice in the South.There is no right or wrong, it is the difference of customs and culture.When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Now that you’ve decided to live together, try to adapt to each other’s differences.Let’s hope the son-in-law is just making a small complaint and joking.Mother-in-law prepared a big table is also really hard, no matter how to say, eat not used to also how much or eat some, this is to mother-in-law respect, but also to his wife’s attention.Finally, what do you think about this?Welcome to the discussion.