10 months brand launch to round A financing new car debut this year next year delivery degree in “hurry” what?

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As the child jointly raised by Geely and Baidu, the integration born with a “golden spoon” is growing rapidly with the support of “parents”.On January 26, Jidu announced that it had completed A round of financing, its second in 10 months.Behind the financing, one is the continuous rise of the threshold of new forces to build cars, but also the “urgent heart” of the integration of cars into the car market.The new energy vehicle market continues to expand, but its competition has also entered a white-hot stage, not only “Wei Xiaoli” as the representative of the new force of car, but also independent brands, joint venture brands before and after the pursuit.In the face of numerous strong enemies, as a “new person”, Jidu Automobile is eager to accelerate the market layout to seize shares, but on the other hand, how to make the product launch to gain better recognition is the problem it needs to face.This round of FINANCING amounts to nearly $400 million, which is jointly increased by Baidu and Geely, and this is not the first time that Jidu Auto has been funded.In January last year, Baidu announced it was building a car to form an intelligent car company.In March of the same year, a joint venture was established by Baidu and Geely, and JIDu Automobile was formally established and received more than 300 million DOLLARS of start-up capital.That means it has received almost $700m in 10 months.Both sides of the shareholder increase behind, is set to speed up the car building process.Jidu completed the modeling design scheme and entered the engineering development stage on the 128th day of its establishment, completed the sludge model wind tunnel test of the first model on the 180th day, and started the development of intelligent software, intelligent assisted driving and intelligent cockpit functions on the 207th day.At present, JET1.0, the electronic and electrical architecture developed by Jidu Automobile, as well as SOA, autonomous driving system, core computing platform and related sensors are further iterating in vector production state.In addition, the design of interior and exterior decoration and all parts of the first mass production vehicle of Jidu auto robot has gradually entered the development stage of mass production molds.The reporter learned that the first car robot concept car will be released at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, and the mass production model will hit the market next year.Speed up the layout at the same time, the support of capital is essential.According to the plan of Jidu Auto, it will launch a new car every 1-1.5 years, and will continue to invest 50 billion yuan in the next five years.In the opinion of Yan Jinghui, a member of the expert committee of the Automobile Distribution Association, “From car building to product release and then to sales, the whole process needs continuous capital investment. It is not only product research and development, but also talent introduction of marketing layout, etc. As a new enterprise, the concentration needs more financial support.”For the A round of financing, jidu automobile said that the successful completion of the new round of financing will help jidu research and development and mass production process in automotive robots. In the future, Jidu will also increase the introduction and training of talents in high-level autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent manufacturing and other related fields.Under the pressure of time, JIDu automobile is constantly speeding up the manufacturing process behind the fierce market competition pressure.Data show that the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles reached 3.545 million and 3.521 million respectively last year, with a year-on-year growth of 1.6 times.The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers expects sales of new energy vehicles to reach 5 million units this year, up 42% from a year earlier.With the expansion of sales, car enterprises are also rivet full strength “fight”.At last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, Great Wall motor officially launched its salon brand and debuted its first model, the Mecaroon.Feifan Automobile released its first flagship model — Feifan R7;LAN Diagram is in this guangzhou auto show to bring large luxury electric MPV – dreamers.In addition to its own brands, Volkswagen introduced id.4, ID.6 and other pure electric models in China last year, Honda also introduced the first pure level platform model to the two joint ventures in China, and Cadillac also launched the first pure electric SUV — LYRIQ.In addition to new models, last year in the new force car manufacturing camp, “Wei Xiaoli” has formed a large-scale sales volume, the annual sales volume of the three companies is close to 100,000 units, and the new car planning of the three companies in the past two years will also be implemented.Industry insiders said that although it has baidu and Geely as endorsements, Jidu is still a newcomer in the new energy vehicle market, compared with the early entrants, Jidu has fallen behind in terms of time.In order to seize market share as soon as possible, JIDu auto urgently needs products as soon as possible.However, The “urgent” is not only the time of the product landing, but also to consider how to make the product landing can be better accepted by the market.Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicle products need more “labels” in terms of performance and control, such as NIO’s “service” and Xiaopeng’s “intelligence”. As a new enterprise, whether it can successfully establish enterprise uniqueness for consumers is particularly important.In fact, For this problem, Jidu auto is betting on AI.”Just 10 months after launching, We have successfully verified our efficient vehicle robot development process with the support of AI technology, vehicle platform and manufacturing process.”Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu Automobile, said: “The brain, nerve and torso of the car robot developed by Jidu are all developing efficiently, and the product will be benchmarking mass production product when it is delivered.Industry insiders said that the development path of “software-defined cars” has become clearer, and intelligence has become one of the core competitiveness of future automotive products.With the help of Baidu technology as an endorsement, Jidu auto has obviously had an advantage in the competition.However, the process of car manufacturing is complicated, and various enterprises are looking for a breakthrough in terms of intelligence, and Baidu is also involved in the cooperation between automobile enterprises. How Jidu automobile can avoid the problem of homogenization in the future competition will also become the key.(Liu Xiaomeng)