Yuzuru Hanyu crashes to the ground, ending an era!Challenge 4A failure error, curtain call stroke ice

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Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu failed to compete in the men’s single free skate at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 10.Yuzuru Hanyu is hoping to perform what no one has ever done before in Beijing, a quadruple dive into Axel known for short as 4A.If you finish this move, you will have a good chance to win, but if you can not finish this move, hanyu Yuanyu will have more pressure, after all, Chen Wei from the United States is really strong, and the difficulty of the movement is very high, has won the past three world championships.While in the game, as two of the winter Olympics skating men’s singles champion, raw knot string on the 17th, he of the short program score of 95.15 in the eighth, the results around the impact axel jumped the first process of feather raw string have appeared a lot of mistakes, this time his action choreography is very, very have the courage,The first move is left to Axel’s quadruple jump.As a result, there was a mistake in the first action, of course, it may not be a mistake, because this 4A action is too difficult, no one in the competition to make a complete, so he tried at the same time directly put the action in the first, want to take advantage of their own physical strength is more sufficient to try first.As a result, he had completed all four parts of the air this time, but he fell because of the gravity center problem of falling ice. After all, the impact force of this movement when landing was too big, it was really difficult to balance. As a result, he still failed to challenge the limits of human beings.In addition, Yuzuru Hanyu also fell down once. Axel’s quadruple jump and the movement behind the most difficult one was a mistake and one fell down, which really showed that he was very hard, but it was really a pity.At that time, he made mistakes in the first two movements, and then the commentary on the scene was suddenly silent, and the scene was also in a deathly silence. You are right, the scene was silent for 10 seconds.Yuzuru Hanyu scored 188.06 points and was penalized two more points for her errors, lifting her total to 283.21 points and China’s Jin Boyang to third.However, anyone with a clear eye may know that although he fell twice because of his extreme challenge and other actions were perfect, it is not easy for him to win the gold medal, and he may not win the triple gold medal in the last Olympic Games. After all, 27 years old is already a very high age for men’s singles.Yuzuru Hanyu’s move was reminiscent of gu’s, who was also trying to perform the most difficult maneuver that no one has ever done in an Olympic competition.But the difference is that Hanyu yuanyu made a mistake, gu Ailing succeeded.However, both he and Gu Are admirable, while Yuzuru Hanyu is at such an age, fighting an unwinnable battle and defending a city that cannot be defended.