The opening ceremony of the Asian Youth Winter Olympic Games was warmly welcomed by the public

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Yesterday was the beginning of Spring, the first solar term in the Year of the Tiger.The start of spring this year coincides with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is a double blessing for the Winter Olympics.Last night, the much-anticipated opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was broadcast live on television in the specious speech of the Tuo City.Shantou residents, who have been interested in the Olympic Games and Asian Youth for many years, spoke highly of the Winter Olympics ceremony and expressed the Chinese people’s beautiful vision for national prosperity and world peace. They are also full of expectations for the Asian Youth Games to be held in Shantou this year, and cheer for the Olympic athletes together.Staff members of the Executive Committee of Shantou watched the live broadcast of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The staff of shantou Executive Committee of the Asian Youth Association are watching the live broadcast of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.To give full play to staff actively learn from Olympic Games experience, go all out to do a good job of Steve will organize, last night, Steve will shantou executive committee organization department and open the closing business department staff 70 people, “the celebration of the games to meet Steve” activities, concentrated watch Beijing Olympics opening ceremony live.After the activity, the executive committee staff quickly organized learning and exchange, so that the fresh knowledge does not stay overnight, combined with their own work, they shared their feelings of the opening ceremony.”The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was full of technological innovation, ethereal and romantic, but at the same time, the artistic performance was naturally integrated into the process and ceremony, presenting a simple and wonderful feature, especially the lighting ceremony, creative, very impressive.”Steve committee office staff will be shantou Guo Siyu said the opening ceremony to show the natural beauty, the beauty of humanity and the beauty of movement, coruscate gives you overcome the power of the outbreak, do a good job in shantou Steve will give to us great encouragement, firmly we put the shantou Steve will be a sporting event, youth festival, cultural festival of confidence and determination.”It is highly participatory and interactive, especially the ‘tribute to the people’ part, which fully interprets the ‘people-centered’ national image through ordinary people’s performances.”Asian Youth Association Shantou City executive Committee news propaganda department staff Ji Weiqi told reporters, he learned that 95% of the actors in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games are teenagers, fully show the elegant style of Chinese youth, but also enhance everyone’s confidence in high quality shantou Asian Youth Association.”Watching the opening ceremony gives us all a sense of pride and excitement, a globally anticipated sporting event that is a symbol of human solidarity and friendship.”After watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Huang Lifeng, director of the cultural exchange Department of the Shantou Executive Committee of the Asian Youth Association, said that the opening ceremony will be shortened and the number of performers will be greatly reduced in consideration of factors such as temperature and epidemic prevention.Through the integration of scientific and technological innovation, low-carbon environmental protection and sports health concept, strive to present the wonderful ceremony effect, show the beauty of nature, cultural beauty and sports, these experiences and practices to shantou Asian Youth Games have brought a lot of inspiration.Huang lifeng said that after the End of the Winter Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of Shantou Asian Youth Games will be announced to the public, looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Asian Youth Games to bring everyone a surprise.They are looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and have attracted the attention of many ordinary citizens. They have watched the opening ceremony through TV and mobile phones to feel the passion of the Olympic Games together. Meanwhile, they are full of expectations for the Upcoming Asian Youth Games to be held in Shantou.The opening ceremony has not officially begun, miss Ann’s family early in front of the TV waiting.In her opinion, the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has made her more deeply feel the rapid development and great progress of China in recent years, but also let the world see China’s responsibility as a major country and a strong country, and further enhance the cultural confidence and national confidence of the Chinese people.In the opening ceremony, Miss An’s favorite is the “24 Solar terms” countdown program.”Every frame of the program shows the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, integrates ice and snow sports, combines China’s excellent traditional culture with the Winter Olympic Games, and freezes the last second on the beginning of Spring, symbolizing the beginning of life and the recovery of all things. This is the romance that belongs to us Chinese people alone!”Miss An said excitedly that the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games made her look forward to the Asian Youth Games held in Shantou this year, and this Asian youth sports event will also let the people of the whole country and even the world see Shantou, so that a better Shantou to the world.Jin, who grew up in Shantou, has been looking forward to the Winter Olympics in Beijing since he was a child, having watched several events before the opening ceremony.Jin told reporters that as a child who grew up by the sea, he usually has few opportunities to contact ice and snow sports, but the Winter Olympics will let more people know about ice and snow sports. “I also want to go to the ice skating rink and feel the happiness of people in the north.”Speaking of the opening ceremony, Kim said the most impressive is the laser carving performance, high-tech performance results bring great visual impact, “very exciting!”Mr. Lin said after watching the opening ceremony, athletes striding toward the opening ceremony scene, fully show the athletes of the vigor and vitality, the overall atmosphere of the scene and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has another different atmosphere.Mr. Rong also has the same feeling, and he is also full of expectations for the upcoming Shantou Asian Youth Games, hoping that Shantou can learn from the experience of the Beijing Winter Olympics, really do a good job in “hosting a good meeting, liven up a city”, show shantou’s youth and vitality.The 3rd Asian Youth Games will be held in Shantou, Guangdong province from December 20 to 28 this year.Shantou Asian Youth Will set up 21 competition items, 161 items.At present, the preparatory work of Shantou Asia Youth Fair is advancing in accordance with the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful”.Twenty-five venues and one athletes’ village have been completed and accepted, presenting a new look to all sectors of society.All technical representatives of 21 projects have been appointed, and the registration for the second round of competition will be started soon. The overall schedule of competition and competition schedule of each project unit are being further improved.Focusing on Asian culture and youth elements, focusing on the characteristics of youth, cheerful and active, the creative plan of the opening and closing ceremonies, torch relay and youth cultural and educational activities has been approved in principle by the General Administration of Sport of China.The visual image system design has been approved by the Olympic Council of Asia, and applied to the urban landscape, inside and outside the stadium and cultural activities, the music collection has been officially launched.The Executive Committee carefully learned from the epidemic prevention and control and medical security experience of other large-scale events in recent years, and scientifically formulated and continuously improved epidemic prevention and control plans and relevant emergency plans.Next, the commission will focus on accelerating venues running form and training team, according to the actual situation of the stadiums, prepare the material planning, personnel planning, space planning and project operation plan, perfect the various implementation plan, do people, goods, appropriate configuration, and stick to the time node orderly competition organization, head of the general assembly, publicity, market development, such as the preparation work,We will strive to make it a grand gathering of Asian Youth that displays China’s style, Guangdong’s style and Shantou’s charm.In order to further create a strong atmosphere of celebrating the Winter Olympics and welcoming the Asian Youth Games, and gather social forces to make joint efforts to run the Asian Youth Games well, Shantou used the core graphics and color system of the Asian Youth Games to make the important symbols of the Asian Youth Games and words such as “Welcome the Winter Olympics and pursue the dream of the Asian Youth Games” and “Celebrate the Winter Olympics and welcome the Asian Youth Games” into lighting effects.”Celebrating the Winter Olympics and Welcoming Asia Youth” themed light display activities will be held from February 3 to the end of January in shantou Children’s Park Ferris Wheel and times Square, the city’s living room.Shantou financial media Group Shantou Xiaobu: Please help xiaobu forward this article!Public account/Sina Weibo/Nanfang +/ Today toutiao @ Shantou government affairs release