Pure love Tweet, East Corner by Yan Hou

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“The east corner” author: YanHou copywriting: I turn to the rock should not.”Busy to busy to go with a sieve.You have nothing left in this world. Don’t get attached to other people, or you’ll end up hurting others.”This is a long time ago, palace of no-mind on earth when traveling, by a travel lock under the comment on writing.He was not to heart.Really to the changes of the karma, palace of no-mind just know, this is his words as a joke, they have not had unexpectedly summed up his long life.- return is a stone, a bit unlucky stone, a stone is a bit stubborn.Pet monkey, he is a natural day, is not reincarnation of a stray into the ghost, later comments from the depths of the blood wat to climb up the throne in the fix, is also the final tu do the inferno without a name.His life is very short, but lots of identity, but he only want to do, is a little student palace of no-mind.- “the stone fine what’s wrong, it is the teacher heart the most precious.”- charming rogue master tapping X stubborn wooden ball disciple by eating guidelines: 1.Master CP mentoring year.2. Deputy CP dragon king demon fox.3. To be added.Abstract: When I opened my eyes again, I saw a town.All houses are spotless, bluestone strip, shops around the doors open, where is very good, just don’t have one.He is not in ghost domain volcano?How did you end up here?Step by step to walk down the street, walking, where he found some not too normal.Return to the slightly narrowed his eyes and looked over the street again.There’s a pastry shop, jewelry shop, taverns, and libraries, but there is no shop and no medical library, no bank…How could a normal town not have these things?On second thought, the normal town, also won’t nobody.Return to look around, and now the most urgent, he should find a way to go back, before being dragged into in the here, he felt vaguely changes outside, ShenLan and hyun young maybe is in danger.But……Return was thinking when he heard what action, he marched past hearing.Return to expression of grinds to a moment, he saw himself.Think so maybe is not right, that’s just a with him like two peas in a pod.Why would he say so, because in addition to the man and he looks the same, there is no other similarities.That personal wearing blue robe, silver on the dark grain floating, it can be seen that abnormal showily.It’s not like you’re coming back.This is a secluded room, place may only be temporary, the whole room empty, only the middle place a table, the table on both sides of two low stool.Sit on this side and return to the same people, on the other side sat a tall, grave man.Abnormal man looks handsome, contour depth, golden apple of the eyes, give a person a kind of apathy and heavy feeling, he is not a Terran.And the man in the whole body is very wet weight, filled with a large amount of water vapor, return to a sudden heart.In his book, he saw, in accordance with the water demon appear if the whole body moisture, the family is a psychic spillover….The spirit power is overflowing, indicating that this monster nedan is dissipating, will soon disappear.Even so, the man still expensive gas, often have a over distance, you couldn’t see any weakness.Two people care for silent, until a man’s arms silver fox low blare the man bowed their heads and gently stroked silver fox, silver fox slightly narrowed his eyes, and passes a man eyes and general gentle temperament is not consistent.When a man this looked up again, just open mouth: “how did you become like this?””Maybe I was so.”The man frowned: “he doesn’t think you become like this.””He is gone.”A man’s cold eyes slightly loose.And then return to grow as people ask him: “Hu Xuan how?”Man looked down at his bosom squinting silver fox, eyes overflow to sorrow.Perhaps for a thousand reasons, the man opened his mouth, and finally turned into a sigh.Return to frowned: “you should know that I can’t take care of him for too long.””Can take care of, it is at that time.He’s gone, and you’re the only one I trust.””How about you?You don’t have much time.Where are you going?””I still have some things outstanding.”The man said this and drank the wine off the table.Then he got up and went to the door.Man finally glanced at the silver fox is oneself have a good time, slowly back eyes: “this is probably the last time we met, don’t have, to return to.”At the moment, as if what strange images into a return to the brain, back slightly askew, hold the next to the window.The man had disappeared into the door.He saw ‘return to’ eyes and was silent for a long time, gently stroked his arms of silver fox, he saw a tear fall onto the silver fox fur.The room was silent, ‘return to’ put on the eye, like to ask the silver fox, and seem to himself: “how will we go today this step.Is this the end of us?”In an instant, a great sadness come to mind, return to calm calm face some unbelievable, he also shed tears.’return to embrace the fox got up and said, the body in a low voice said: “from now on, just the two of us left.”Said, two people will disappear.Back to some of the other, looked at the empty room, the mixed memory not clear in the brain.Haven’t wait for his response, a picture and a house to the other.When he looked up again, he saw that hu fu was written on the board.’return to holding the silver fox coming from a distance, while Hu Fu doors open, like a received message came out to meet early.See a person a fox come, the boy quickly should go up, way: “all the way running, you are tired.Come inside quickly, his lordship is waiting for you.”‘return to just at him coldly, did not reply, attendants awkward local guide on the side.I don’t know how long it has been since this “return” and the “return” in the last picture, but I just found that he was more angry and full of blood. People’s temperament can’t change so much in a short time, but there must be a long time between them.’return to’ big step beyond the threshold, disease quickly through the long corridor, leaving only a residual film.When he walked into the living room, there has been an expensive clothes, temperamental grace waiting for middle-aged people.’return to’ shape that has sat down in the seat, he glanced at the middle-aged man coldly, middle-aged man paused, smiled and sat next to the position.”Venerable Sir, will you take care of xuan o under hu palace kindness in mind in my heart.”The middle-aged man bowed his hands.Middle-aged man obsessed with and ‘return to greet, no don’t care about his arms Hu Xuan not even human.’return to’ eyes slightly dull, but may be thought that he the walk, Hu Xuan capitalists can only rely on, ‘return to’ try to mitigate the face: “king of fox, this time I have something to a long trip, too busy to take care of xuan.I will return for him as soon as all is well.”Middle-aged man caresses the stroking beard with a smile: “all listen to honour person commanded.”As if to hear ‘return to’ filed, he didn’t realize ‘return to’ arms of silver fox, mock surprise way: “xuan what is going on?”‘return to’ yan’s aversion to fundus, sit replied: “he had some injury, in a short period of time even unable to taxiing, still hope fox king care.”Middle-aged man quickly hand way: “still honour person, please rest assured.”‘return to’ look at his arms of silver fox, frowned slightly, determined, handed the middle-aged man.The middle-aged man took over, silver fox seems to be the induction of “return” to leave him, low voice scratching plane, want to return to his arms, scratching the middle-aged man’s hand several wounds, the middle-aged man’s face smile unchanged, fundus but across a trace of cruel color.His expression was’ return to ‘panoramic view, he sink a track: “xuan, obedient.”Perhaps have never seen so calm face to it, silver fox to quiet down, some injustice to low blare two, a nice pair of fox storage is filled with tears in his eyes.”Darling wait for me here, I must and will come back to pick you up.”Silver fox appears to be understood, retract the middle-aged man’s arms, but a double belt above the eyes to staring unblinkingly ‘return’.’return to’ don’t pass, the middle-aged man arch hand: “leave.”They flicker disappeared.’return to’ left Hu Fu, he finally took one look at this magnificent palace, focusing cough a few times, go away.Picture here so far, in the whole body into a dark soon.To feel your body to float up, no matter how he wants to force is in vain.Followed by a rainbow light into his body, like a fire burning meridians, muscles may be tore up little by little and bit by bit, is not here right now.He tried to endure the pain without uttering a word, and finally fainted.The dark space, only to return to the body and suspended in the air.After a long time, and a voice in the darkness: “he is finally here.”And another voice again: “yes.”Before a voice said: “he had told us to do, all is now in cash.”A voice says, “yes.”Before a voice said: “he that teacher like here, also strange, he is not……”Behind the voice can not hear you clearly, this two voice over as if from nowhere walked away.