Mexico’s first Winter Olympics figure skater in 30 years: trains at mall rink, often dodging playing children

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“They say I should play soccer, they say figure skating is a girl’s game, they say there is no market for winter sports in Guadalajara.”That’s Donovan Carrillo, a figure skater whose hometown is Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city.The Mexican figure skater scored 79.69 points in the men’s single short program at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, setting a new personal season best.If you know his story, you must feel how hard-won this achievement is.Mexican figure skater Donovan Carrillo, center, is not afraid of being scoffed.the Associated Press reported that Carrillo performed both his quadruple jump and axel triple jump impressively at the Winter Olympics.”As Mexico’s first figure skater to compete in the Winter Olympics in 30 years, Carrillo has already written his own successful story in Beijing and those objections have never stopped him from moving forward.””The reporter wrote.”It really motivates me to do my best,” Carrillo told reporters. “I used to tell people about my Olympic dream, but they always laughed at me, ‘There’s no way a Mexican can qualify.'” Why?In their view, Mexico has neither “ice resources” nor an ice culture.Mexico’s climate is complex and changeable, spanning tropical and subtropical regions. The plateau area is mild all year round, with an average temperature of 10 to 26℃.Northwest inland for continental climate;The coastal and southeastern regions enjoy a tropical climate.In Mexico, where snow and ice are the norm, and soccer is the most popular sport, figure skating has a low profile and few participants.Carrillo said the figure skating in Mexico also has certain cultural barriers, “when I was a child, always surrounded by some people think that skating is only suitable for women to the sport, school many students also don’t understand me, even making fun of me, but I’ve never been as they think so, this is also I have been trying to, want to prove to everyone to see.”Sharing an ice rink with hockey players Aside from the confusion of others, Carrillo had another problem during training: the rink.Carrillo moved to Guanajuato with his coach when he was 13 because the rink in his hometown was closed.In fact, training in Guanajuato takes place on an ice rink in the Mall of Mayor in Leon.Sometimes, Carrillo told reporters, people ask him to turn off the flowery music;Other times, I had to practice the moves while carefully avoiding children playing on the same rink.The hardest part is sometimes sharing an ice rink with hockey players.”It is the dream of every Mexican figure skating coach that we have good facilities so that our athletes can train well in their own country and not have to travel abroad.”Carrillo’s coach said.Some Mexican figure skaters are known to train in the United States and Canada to fulfill their dreams.But Carrillo chose to stay in Mexico.Of hofstra university professor Brenda told reporters that Mexico no winter sports national professional sports league, also did not like federation of university sports competition system, and in such an environment growing carrillo debut in the Beijing Olympics, to Mexico and other countries of Latin America to promote winter sports are an inspiration.”I’ve always tried to convey Mexican culture with my performances.”‘I had such a good time on the ice,’ Mr. Carrillo said. ‘I didn’t want to stop at all. I wanted to keep skating.’More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.