“Matrix publicity helps peak season” ICBC Anqing Branch to carry out snow clearing volunteer service activities

2022-05-13 0 By

From the midnight of February 6, continuous snowstorm arrived as scheduled, overnight, the land of Yicheng covered with snow.The snow is beautiful, but it’s dangerous.At 4 p.m. on February 7th, snow, a pause in order to ensure the security of the citizens travel, icbc, anqing branch party committee propaganda department, office, youth corps committee to take the lead in accordance with the unified anqing municipal party committee organization department immediately arrangement, the party organization authority, member of wan jiang avenue to central China east road near km urban main road and party pairing community to sweep de-icing volunteer service activities.It only took half an hour for the volunteer activity to arrive at the work site. The party branches of the organ responded quickly and arranged the Party and league members to actively participate in the volunteer service activities of snow clearing.In the cold wind, anqing branch snow clearing volunteer team waving shovels and brooms began to shovel snow and deice action, we have an orderly division of labor, tacit cooperation, full of energy.After more than two hours of labor, to 7 PM, two-way nearly two km of snow was finally cleared, although everyone flushed with cold, his hands and face the whole body sweat, glasses are covered with a layer of mist, but the entire labor process we help each other, encourage each other, the successful completion of the snow de-icing work, to ensure the security of the road traffic flow, the mass travel.This activity to the bank to corporate social responsibility, create a safe travel environment for residents, take concrete actions to warm society, also to fully demonstrate its authority members dedicated, united to assist party branch, the service, maintain the spirit of the people is to carry out the party history study education promotes the whole party members and cadres to further temper beginner’s mind, connect the mission,Promote the “I do practical things for the people” to go deep and practical, actively fulfill social responsibilities, highlighting the manifestation of the responsibility of state-owned large banks.(AnXuan)