Look back at the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team in 2021

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Looking back on the Chinese women’s Volleyball team in 2021, I have many feelings.This year, the overall record of Chinese women’s volleyball team was not good, this year, some battles became a story in history, this year, the old retired one after another, this year, the rookie began to shine on the court……This year was the most painful year for Chinese women’s volleyball team. The new head coach had a difficult birth and the new army was not built.As the champion of the defending champion, The Chinese women’s Volleyball Team has dominated the world women’s volleyball ranking for many years, and its strength is naturally beyond doubt.The worst Olympic performance in history, finishing ninth in Tokyo, was the result of man-made as well as natural disasters.The lesson is worth pondering for the future Chinese women’s volleyball team.In recent days, we have rewatched the three matches between The Chinese women’s volleyball team and the American women’s volleyball team, the Russian women’s volleyball team and the Italian women’s volleyball team in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The two defeats and one win were all surprising.Against the United States women’s volleyball team, Li Yingying appeared as if alive and kicking. At that time, Zhu Ting did not play the ball and was seriously injured.It is obviously not the real strength of Chinese women’s volleyball team to defeat Russia 19:13 ahead.However, with the Italian women’s volleyball first war, can straight down three sets, won the opponent, let a person quite surprised.There will be three battles in 2021 that will make history.The first is the battle between The Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Brazilian women’s volleyball team in the World Cup.At that time, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was repeatedly frustrated and demoralized.The Brazilian women’s volleyball team is invincible.This battle, relying on zhang Changning a little attack, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won tenacily, Zhang Changning alone 36 points star yao Rimini, become a story in history.The second is the Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Italian women’s volleyball team in the Tokyo Olympic Games.Before this match, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team had been knocked out in three consecutive matches, zhu Ting and Yan Ni were seriously injured and could not play, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was looked down by both inside and outside the industry.The final result was that the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Italian women’s volleyball team in straight sets.Third is the 14th National Games champion and runner-up final, tianjin women’s Volleyball team and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team battle.Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team adhere to the all-Chinese class, look at the league results, four years of grinding a sword, only to be able to defend the national Games.In the final, tianjin Women’s Volleyball team overturned 3:1, which made the history of the National Games campaign model.The year 2021 is a harsh winter.The fruits fall to the ground one after another.The old players also gradually moved from the front to the back, out of sight of the fans.Yan Ni, Liu Xiaotong, Lin Li, Gong Meizi, Li Jing, Wang Huimin, Zhang Lei, Zhang Qian and Xu Ruoya and other people one by one to the official retirement, some too old, some are still young, let the old team respect, for the young team regret.The Women’s volleyball Arena is like an examination room. When some people resign and return to their hometown, some come to Beijing for the examination.Some go home, some go to temple.As old players recede, new players inevitably emerge.In the national Games, national Championships and league competitions in 2021, a large number of talented rookie players mushroomed out.Age larger ZhongHui, zhe-ning liu, Chen Boya, Wang Yizhu, Shi Bingtong, jsyb, Zhang Shiqi and meike, some of the young in the plume, Song Re wellknown, Martin jie, prudence liew, zhou tong, ZhuangYuShan and Wan Ziyue pages, and younger Wang Yifan, Chen Xiyue, sequence and Yang, and age more smaller Fan Boning.It is the greatest blessing for The Chinese women’s volleyball team that the rising rookie is gradually starting a prairie fire.The most distressing thing about the 2021 Chinese Women’s Volleyball team is that it has not announced the coach candidate yet.Up to now, the result of the selection has been decided, but still not public, to what?Hope to take over the people, people do not accept;People who don’t look good sign up to hire them.Since platoon assist already excellent in choose excellent, laid down the person that choose, that grasp publicity, build a team, so that gather training at an early date.In previous years, on the sixth day of the first lunar month, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team began to assemble the team for training.This year’s Chinese women’s volleyball team, it seems that the training time will be delayed.With the World Cup, Asian Games and World Championships scheduled this year, there is little time for the association to waste on the appointment of coach.Six, volleyball association policy changeful this year volleyball association policy changeful league also let each team and even foreign aid people hurt not light.The Shanghai Women’s Volleyball team was hurt by the sudden ban on only foreign players when the tournament was about to start and the team had already decided to attract foreign players. With the example of Jin Rujing and Larsen, I am afraid that danesi, Haque, Agannu and even Vargas and other world champions will stay away from the volleyball team.Conclusion The Chinese women’s Volleyball team in 2021, although sad to look back, but also hope.Now to do, is to grasp the publicity of the coach, assemble the team, hone the lineup, prepare for the world league, the Asian Games and the World Championships.