“Intangible Cultural Heritage” Welcome Spring!Let the Flavor of Shandong more thick

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Intangible cultural heritage Show Qilu, happy Chinese year.During the Spring Festival of this year, a series of wonderful activities of Intangible cultural heritage have been held in various parts of Shandong province. Short videos of intangible cultural heritage have become an important channel to spread the flavor of The New Year, and the purchase and sale of intangible cultural heritage products are flourishing online and offline. The intangible cultural heritage has been further introduced into ordinary people and modern life, so that people can enjoy the traditional Customs of the New Year in Qilu.Online, colorful folk custom activity () the laba festival on January 10, 2022 in shandong province “culture into m — live video home years” activities started, through the way of short video, live, in the “cloud” show shandong customs in wonderful activities around, creating the atmosphere of joy, peace, happy Chinese New Year, send New Year wishes.As of February 14, the number of videos uploaded by intangible cultural heritage protection organizations, non-inheriters, media and cultural and tourism departments across the province has reached 440 million under the topic of Shandong New Year’s Flavor on short video platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, Kuaishou and B station.Five high-quality short videos recommended by our province, such as “Old Jinan sour Dipping child”, “Huang County Dough Sculpture” and “Rizhao Farmers’ Painting”, were broadcast live on the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the first batch of hometown annual special area, and “Changyi Da Bobo” short video was promoted by Xinhua News Agency client.Show in 2022 in shandong province non-material cultural heritage month propaganda activities began on Jan. 25, 2022 in shandong province non-material cultural heritage month propaganda curtain display activities, this activity to “better life” of the theme of shandong around by more than 500 intangible publicity activities, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life.The 10th Spring Festival Temple Fair in the ancient city of Taierzhuang has been launched.During the taierzhuang Ancient City, Shandong Cultural Center (Provincial Intangible Heritage Protection Center) launched the “Welcome Spring, Honor The Fortune of Tiger Tiger” — the Excellent exhibition of the Creative derivative of tiger culture, “24 Solar Terms” series of theme activities, “New Life, New Fashion, New Year Paintings” — our well-off life theme art creation collection and display activities, etc.Zaozhuang held special cultural performances for the spiritual preaching of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, “Spanish mackerel dumplings into the Military Camp” in changdao Comprehensive Experimental Area, and the 10th Spring Festival Temple fair in Taierzhuang Ancient City. All kinds of wonderful intangible cultural heritage display activities presented a cultural feast for the people of the province.The 2022 Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Month publicity and exhibition will continue until March 4.In this Spring Festival, products with “intangible heritage genes” are becoming more and more popular among consumers.Qingdao intangible ritual source: Qingdao culture and tourism in Qingdao, spring and floor, plant show hall, xin fu sheng, cieme intangible companies such as alcohol, goodies for intangible products continue to improve innovation, on the basis of further innovation jointly launched “the ritual” of Qingdao not as unified identity many intangible gift box, with products as the carrier, inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture.Jinan Zhangqiu New Year wood-block prints have developed personal customized business of portraits and animation images, with novel themes and well received by young people and New Year enthusiasts.During the Spring Festival, the market is extremely hot, the door god, the God of wealth, the Kitchen God, New Year doll series of New Year paintings, is favored by consumers around the country.Rizhao Miguang Culture Company, founded by Zhang Xiaoqiu, the inheritor of langya papercutting, a provincial intangible Cultural Heritage project, has launched a series of Spring Festival themed products that combine fun, knowledge and practicality, traditional patterns with the development of modern society, and give new vitality to ancient culture.The intangible cultural heritage products created by weihai Jichang Flower Bobo with the theme of “Spring Festival” and “Year of the Tiger” drive the consumption trend.The “Fuhu” line of products created by Weihai Jichang Flower Bobo was well received by consumers, with sales up 30 percent over last year during the Spring Festival.Weifang Mengjinyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. has developed nearly ten gold jewelry themed with the year of the Tiger, which is well received by consumers.Zaozhuang sand pottery firing technology, the production of sand pottery door god ornaments, sand pottery tiger ornaments during the Spring Festival, online sales increased significantly.Jinan Dongda Clothing developed and designed the New Year clothing series during the Year of the Tiger, which enhanced the brand publicity influence and purchasing power of intangible cultural heritage online and offline.During the Spring Festival, online sales are mainly carried out. The second day of the lunar New Year is broadcast for half an hour, which makes a good start. Consumers across the country form an upsurge of purchasing.Chen Lou Sugar melon during the Spring Festival product sales to wholesale, e-commerce express, production from the original 1.05 million tons to 3.5 million tons per year.Traditional oil production techniques of pasting fragrant flowers launch a “flowing museum”, install a smart customized system, and regularly broadcast the oil pressing scene.”Wang Li Crisp Pot” uses new media platforms such as Weibo and Douyin and e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Meituan to promote and sell products in vacuum-packed gift boxes.”Huang Jia Barbecue” gained 310,000 fans on Tiktok through live streaming and short videos of production techniques, and was recognized by consumers immediately after its launch.Dongming Tripe, a provincial intangible Cultural Heritage project in Heze city, has spread more than 3 million short videos through various channels such as Douyin, Taobao, Kuaishou and wechat.The maltose production technique of Heze City-level Intangible Cultural Heritage project participated in the activity of “Culture into Thousands of People — Video Live Hometown Year” on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou. Through live broadcast, maltose sesame sugar was sold on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and the praise rate of malt sesame sugar reached 95%.During the Spring Festival, Taian Nie’s copper casting technology series products participated in the double Dan ceremony season, New Year’s Carnival, New Year’s Shopping Festival, New Year’s shopping and other activities on Tmall platform, and the sales in January increased by 18.55% year-on-year.Jinan “Jingyun Pavilion Pinched silk enamel” during the Spring Festival on the new “Cute Tiger series of tea cushion”, “little Tiger refrigerator stickers” and other five sets of works, sales in Douyin, Tmall, jingdong three e-commerce platforms, compared with the total turnover of 2021 Spring Festival.Under the leadership of representative inheritor Wang Xinquan, zaozhuang chili Chicken non-genetic inheritor team cooked authentic Zaozhuang chili chicken according to traditional techniques and material selection standards, which was deeply loved by consumers. During the Spring Festival, 70% of the sales were received by wechat platform.Weifang city more than 200 intangible cultural heritage projects participate in the Exhibition and sales activities during the Spring Festival, promoting the integration of intangible cultural heritage into modern life, and achieved good economic benefits.Nijiazhuang clay sculpture pre-sale processing of all kinds of “mud called tiger” more than 50,000.Hanting district sales of all kinds of kites more than 20,000, more than 400 groups of large lights.Traditional INTANGIBLE cultural heritage projects from the People’s Daily life, after baptism and selection of The Times, with a new look back to the people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, loved by the people and warmly sought after, but also for the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture provides a new path and ideas.Source: Wenlv Shandong wechat official account