He was party secretary of Shanghai, but none of his five children were officials

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The story of 108 heroes of Liangshan was written in the novel Outlaws of the Marsh. These heroes were all from Shandong province, but in real life shandong was also a place where many heroes were born.In addition to some heroes in history, many heroes awarded titles after the founding of the People’s Republic of China also came from Shandong province, including three founding lieutenant-generals and a senior general. Although this general had outstanding achievements, he was not decorated.The general was Wang Yiping.Wang Yiping was born in 1914 in a fishing village in Shandong province, which is near the sea. Many people make a living by fishing. Although they are poor, they can barely support their family.Although Wang Yiping’s family was also very poor, his parents paid much attention to their children’s education, believing that education was necessary to have a good future. Therefore, they would save money to send wang Yiping to school even if they were poor.Later Wang Yiping was really very hard to study admitted to Wenden Normal School, and the results are very good, can be said at that time if he bent on reading, a few years later can graduate to become a teacher.However, he did not choose this path. Instead, he was enlightened by marxism and other advanced ideas while studying in this school. Later, he took part in several patriotic movements and got acquainted with some underground Party members.Gradually under the guidance of these people, he also formally joined the Communist Party of China.Then he began his revolution in earnest.Later, through his own hard work, he became commissar of the Fourth Division.In 1948, he was promoted to commissar of the Eighth Vertical and personally led the army in the Huaihai Campaign.Later, after the victory of the three major battles, the whole army was reorganized, and the eighth column under his command was reorganized into the 26th Army of the third Opposition.Later, as political commissar, he led the army to the south after the battle of crossing the River, and successfully joined the war of liberation of Shanghai.After the founding of new China, he also served as director of the political Department and was elected as a corps level cadre.In 1952, Chen Yi, who was working in Shanghai at that time, appreciated him and asked him to work in Shanghai by name.At that time, the corps commander Wang Jianan was also very reluctant to leave him, in order to leave him, but also personally called Chen Yi, asked to leave him.But Chen yi simply said it was an order.So Wang had to let Wang Yiping go to Shanghai.After wang Yiping arrived in Shanghai, he took the post of head of the Organization Department and never left Shanghai again. Later, he was promoted to secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee for his excellent work and won high praise.However, he was not included in the 1955 Honours because he was no longer in the army, otherwise he would have been at least a major general.In the decades he spent in Shanghai, he never abused his power for personal gain, and even treated his family members fairly and harshly.At that time Wang Yiping’s wife Zhang Meixiu, she also participated in the revolution comrade.In 1977, the city needed a person to fill the post of discipline inspection commission, and because she was competent and qualified, someone recommended her.But At that time, Wang Yiping was in charge of these organizations, and he saw Zhang Meixiu’s name on the form and crossed it out.But his move confuses many people, as Zhang is well qualified for the job by any measure.His wife also felt unconvinced, so he asked Wang Yiping why he can not get the job.Wang Yiping said directly: “As long as I am in charge of the department, you can’t go.”Zhang Meixiu was very angry at that time, and even said that if Wang Yiping became party secretary, I’m afraid I can’t even stay in Shanghai.But Wang yiping has not changed his original decision and has always stuck to his principles.Therefore, Zhang Meixiu could only continue to work in the Bureau of Gardens and Forestry. Later, the secretary of the Bureau of Gardens and Forestry knew that Wang Yiping was going too far.Not only that, but for more than a decade, Zhang meixiu was always a department-level cadre. Others like her had already been promoted, but she kept working in the park bureau because her husband would not allow her to be promoted.Conclusion: however Wang Yiping is not only excessive to his wife, but also not not to mention his children.His youngest daughter once revealed that when her eldest brother, who was working in a Factory in Shanghai, was sent to further his studies because of his excellent grades, Wang Yiping also stopped him.Wang Yiping was very straightforward and his son said: “Although you go to study is not through the back door, but also to see my face to let you go to study, otherwise you can not go in.You should be an honest worker and work hard, not an official.”Although his son also felt very depressed, but still chose to quit, and even until retirement, has been an ordinary worker.