China’s valve enterprises need to change their ideas and begin to pay attention to industrial development

2022-05-13 0 By

Continuous 10 years of rapid growth, so that China’s valve manufacturing industry stands in the global manufacturing power.However, with the global financial crisis and the slowdown of China’s macroeconomic growth, the market supply shortage for many years will disappear forever.The total demand in the valve market is decreasing significantly, but the demand structure is increasing rapidly.This has led to a sharp drop in orders for mid – and low-end valves that we mass-produce, but not for high-end valves that are urgently needed by key customers.The transformation and upgrading of the industry is an urgent historical mission, and improving the competitiveness of middle and high-grade valves has become the urgent task of transformation and upgrading at this stage.China’s valve industry has been in the development, change and upgrade, and has made considerable development.In the last 10 years, we’ve gone through a period of focus on scale and variety expansion, creating a lot of categories and products from scratch, that is, never, never.Compared with advanced enterprises in developed countries, we are still at the low end of the world industrial chain, and the market share of advanced valves has not increased.This is mainly because our products lack sufficient market competitiveness.Especially in the stability and reliability, compared with the developed countries regulating valve, regulating valve, domestic, there is no small difference.In the face of the valve industry changes and upgrades of the outcome of the situation is not obvious, there are many reasons.One of them has to do with what we did in the past.We pay attention to product development, do not pay attention to market research, do not pay attention to the completion of industrialization.Specifically, it is heavy science and technology, light craft, re – development, light industrialization.Our product looks good on the surface, very advanced, advanced features and performance indicators can be achieved, but it doesn’t take long for the user to break down.Or the product itself can be used, but the manufacturing cost is high and the market competitiveness is insufficient.Of course, the emergence of this situation is not unrelated to our policy orientation.All the time, we pay more attention to the number of achievements and patents, solve the problem of whether there is a lot of gaps, but do not pay attention to the achievements on the market, industrialization.Therefore, one of the main goals of transformation and upgrading at this stage is to make more efforts on the basis of the existing scale and variety.In other words, to make a fundamental leap forward.