Canal information | “Double Olympic City” Beijing accelerated sprint central axis application for world Heritage

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Beijing axis application for world Heritage entered the sprint stage.Starting from the Bell and Drum Towers in the north and ending at yongdingmen in the south, the 7.8-km long “backbone” of Beijing bears the ever-growing culture, witnessing and participating in the growth of the “Double Olympic City”.On The 8th, 5 guests visited the live broadcast room of the 2022 Beijing Press Center interactive exhibition activity “Double Olympic City · Watch The Ceremony”, centering on the theme of “walking on the central axis”, and narrating the development of the city.More and more people are focusing on the central axis of Beijing.Because it has a long history, but also full of vitality.Shan Jixiang, president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics and director of the Academic committee of the Palace Museum, said Beijing already has three World cultural heritage sites on its central axis.This line includes huge buildings and urban Spaces.After more than 700 years of development, these streets and squares have formed a unique and magnificent spatial order, showing the ancient and modern splendor of China’s capital.”The central axis is not a simple material legacy, but a continuous continuation of the traditional Chinese capital planning concept, which has influenced the city today.The central axis is a living heritage that extends north and south, leading the city into the future.”Lv Zhou, director of the National Heritage Center of Tsinghua University, talked about the “news” of the central Axis — In recent years, Beijing has promoted the protection and restoration of key cultural relics and historical buildings on the central axis, and improved the environment and style of the old city. Currently, a series of cultural relics and ancient buildings such as the bell Tower and zhengyangmen archway have been repaired.At the end of last year, the renovation of Di ‘anmen Street was completed, and the zhengyang Bridge was found in archaeological excavation. “We also hope to find the remains of zhengyang Bridge body through archaeological excavation.”He explained that if the bridge is excavated, it will be of great significance for the display of the entire central axis of Beijing.Referring to the ongoing application for the Beijing Central Axis as a World Heritage, Lu zhou said that the core goal of the application is not only to make the value of the central Axis recognized around the world, but also to promote the overall protection of Beijing’s old city through the application, tell the Chinese story well, improve the living environment of citizens and innovate the future development of the city.”If the central axis as an interlocking, the end of the echo of the cultural dragon, from Yongding gate to Zhengyang Gate archery tower is like the leading part, which bridge, fence, reflects the central axis to the people’s culture as the theme of the people’s order;Zhengyangmen Archery Tower is right in the land of dragon eyes.”Central axis of Beijing heritage protection center, Beijing world cultural heritage monitoring center director war revealed the future protection of axis, to qianmen embrasured watchtower as an opportunity to open at the front door pedestrian street north make with characteristic of the ancient capital of high-end demonstration area brigade fusion, activation axis heritage value, the revival of the front door business circle, driving the development of regional text brigade project,”We made some attempts to design the central axis of punching, looking for water beasts, rewalking zhengyang Bridge and other landscapes.”In the live broadcast room, there are also experts talking about the “soft cultural relics” on the central axis — intangible cultural heritage.Assistant director of the Music Center of the Temple of Heaven Park Shura Department, Forrest Forrest, and instructor Michael Wong demonstrated the music of the temple of Heaven for 3,000 years.”When I work, what I hear most from tourists is, ‘I have never heard such music before. You should play it more and tell people about it more.'”Wang Zhijie said, he shaole once because of high temple on the temple, less people know.”What we do is to lift the veil of mystery, let Zhonghe Shaole into ordinary homes, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the ancient people’s heart of harmony beauty.”(Deng Wei, Li Qiyao) (Grand Canal news hotline: 18611735190) source: Beijing Daily intern editor Yan Chenyi read GUI Yan, Zhang Li produced Cao Yu, Xiao Dong reviewed manuscript Hui Jun