Another “kindness” medium-sized SUV, with 5/6/7 seats +1.5T engine, four-wheel suspension only sold more than 50,000

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Introduction: another “generous” medium SUV, equipped with 5/6/7 seats three layouts +1.5T four-cylinder engine, all four-wheel suspension, only sold more than 50,000!Young people don’t buy the wrong car!Old drivers recommend high cost performance SUV, car space, less than 60,000 new cars!Let’s find out!The car in question today is the Jetto X70, owned by Chery Holdings.According to the latest sales data analysis, The annual cumulative sales volume of Jiato X70 in 2021 is 124,647 units, an increase of nearly 40,000 units compared with the sales volume of 85,912 units in 2020, accounting for 80.9% share in Chery automobile family and 1.16% share in the domestic SUV market, ranking the 25th overall.In the mid-size SUV market accounted for 4.91% of the share, individual ranking 9.Among them, Jiatu X70’s sales volume in December 2021 was 16,748 units, accounting for 83.17% share in Chery automobile family, 1.4% share in domestic SUV market, ranking 15th overall, 5.56% share in medium-sized SUV market, ranking 3rd in single item, next only to Volkswagen Tiguan L and Chery Ruihu 8.Next door Lao Wang, tell me what you say!The biggest secret of Chery Jetway’s success is the terminal price. The 2021 1.5T DCT Special ⅰ edition 5-seat Jetway X70, as an entry-level model, has a guiding price of 95,900 yuan. After comprehensive discounts, the lowest reference transaction price is only 80,900 yuan.The lowest model with the guide price of 69,900, comprehensive concessions after the lowest reference result is only 54,900, straight down 15,000, the overall cost performance is super high, but also what Geely Boyue, the Great Wall Hafu M6, Changan CS75?What do you think?Comments are welcome!