A snake catcher in a rural area of Hubei province was killed after being attacked by snakes for five years

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Speaking of snakes, I believe many people are familiar with it, and most of them must know that snakes are spiritual animals. In other words, snakes have always been considered as an animal full of evil and mystery by the world.In ancient times, there used to be a profession called “snake catcher”. At that time, the profession of snake catcher was very profitable. Snake catcher usually sold the snakes he caught in the market at a high price for profit, because at that time, people usually thought snakes were a kind of food that could make a lot of health.But since the snake is a spiritual animal, so if the snake catcher kills more snakes, then one day will be punished, many people do not believe it before, but it is said that there is a very strange rumor about the snake catcher in Hubei, so what is going on?A snake, rural people from a village in hubei province, is a professional snake, he is not only the local people first began to snake, is famous in the local snake people, a lot of people called him “king snake”, this person is de-ming cheng, snake person in a very bad, it is said that de-ming cheng is famous, not just because he is very severe snake,And his death also grave also appeared a lot of strange things, it is because of those very strange things so many people think Cheng Deming is dead very miserable because he caught snakes all the year round, and finally from the snake group of retribution.One evening in 1991, wang jin-pyng de-ming cheng’s wife wanted to go to de-ming cheng to come to dinner, but just the way of searching for de-ming cheng in his home found the bodies of de-ming cheng of the farm, then de-ming cheng’s wife, wang jin-pyng find her husband dead in the snake group was startled, such as slow lead god to wang jin-pyng see blue husband de-ming cheng,Limbs already stiff, looking around Wang Jinping also found a section of a killed snake, see those killed by the snake Wang Jinping realized that her husband Cheng Deming should be killed by poisonous snakes.In this way, “snake king” Cheng Deming was finally bitten to death by the snake group, soon “snake King” Cheng Deming was bitten to death by the news spread in the village, and the local police is also informed of this news and the first time arrived at the scene and the scene will be blocked for forensic identification of Cheng Deming is how to die,Subsequently the police also according to cheng Deming died of that cornfield began a series of investigations.One scene in the process of investigation that the police were shocked, it is said that there was a big piece of the snake’s body, not only that the scene was still clearly visible snake dozen rotten flesh and blood, looking at the scene a mess police also tried to put the snake’s body to restore, it wasn’t long before the police came to the conclusion, the results to the scene of the people are very surprised,Cheng deming is said to have fought with nearly 17 pheasant serpents during his lifetime.Second, the truth emerged not only that, according to forensic appraisal finally found de-ming cheng have 9 place on my body be pheasant snakes traces of waist, after the comparison, soon the police concluded that chandran clear is died of prostitutes was bitten by a snake poison after died, despite the presence of the police are seen many odd case.But it was the first time cheng deming, who fought and died after being bitten by a snake, had seen such a case.After The death of Cheng Deming, many villagers thought that it must be cheng Deming killed too many snakes and caught too many snakes before his death, so it caused the revenge of the snake group, but is it really like what the villagers thought?When this matter is about to be forgotten by others in Cheng Deming death, the tomb of Cheng Deming produced another strange incident however.It is said that after the death of de-ming cheng’s first summer has just finished a villagers farm work in the village road process DE Ming tombs, but did not expect no how far the villagers asked by a very pungent smell, not only that the villagers also heard the sound of the wind blows, the grass in the out of curiosity and the villagers came to the tomb of de-ming cheng,When the villagers came to cheng deming’s grave, he was shocked by what he saw.It was said that the villagers arrived de-ming cheng’s grave and saw a large snakes drooling on de-ming cheng’s tomb, the tomb of de-ming cheng immediately turned into a dark, not only that there is a big snakes around every now and then set up the snake alert, see the villagers were scared at the strange sight quickly back to the village, back after he told the villagers what they will encounter,Soon the story spread through the village.Three, a spiritual snake when villagers learned de-ming cheng tomb appears after a large snake were scared back hair is cool, not only that some villagers said very fantastic, also said to see a large group of snake around de-ming cheng’s tomb in the meeting, after the snake group was suddenly parted, as de-ming cheng event slowly fermentation, soon attracted the attention of many media and reporters,Pass through the interview of media finally, cheng Deming is killed by poisonous snake strange incident also slowly spread out at this point.According to local villagers and Wang Jinping, Cheng Deming’s wife, it is said that Cheng Deming had been killed by poisonous snakes for nearly five years before his death, so Cheng Deming’s death was not accidental, but was destined to happen. Later, the media also learned that in the era of Cheng Deming’s life, with the gradual improvement of everyone’s income level,With the improvement of living conditions, some people had the idea of eating game in their mind. For example, some snake gall and snake wine were among the most popular game in the market at that time. Cheng Deming also succeeded in catching snakes and selling them at a high price and gained considerable profits during that period.But, after all, the snake is a spiritual animals de-ming cheng at that time was ever-deeper sites not only didn’t stop after the beginning of more large snake, eventually leading to he finally received his due reward, de-ming cheng appears to be the death of accidental but also is inevitable, if must add a statement to de-ming cheng’s death,Then I think the most reasonable thing is that Cheng Deming died because he disturbed the balance of nature and thus suffered the punishment he deserved.Four deming, epilogue process this matter after a lot of people learned the snake is very spiritual animals, although it is not one, but it is also a life, is the so-called “no trading, no killing”, or wild animals is able to make the people’s congress (NPC), but if to harm animals to destroy the balance of nature,I believe that no matter how long it takes, it will be punished by nature.De-ming cheng story although thriller, bizarre, but have to say is de-ming cheng’s death to those who are still in the killing, snake people gave a good warning, though the animals are food chain low-end creatures, but they also relations between the balance of nature, deming here also think process events to alert everyone don’t kill wild animals,Learn to respect nature and you will be respected by nature.