What information do I need to bring with me after obtaining an immigrant visa?

2022-05-12 0 By

On the fifth day of the first month, the God of wealth festival to everyone to ask a good, work everywhere shun, life backgammon, open the door to see the God of wealth smile, auspicious clouds head around, looked up to see happy star according to the head-on birthday star hongyun.Today and we share immigration knowledge is: through immigration interview, get immigrant visa, entry to the United States need to bring what information?The information of the immigrant visa package received from the consulate is as follows: 1. Original passport; 2.2. Visa package (if any, brown paper bag can not be opened, you need to give it to the US Customs when going through the customs);3. Three guidance letters from the consulate (guidance on payment of green Card fee, introduction of social security card, etc.)Tips: we suggest that you must pay the immigration green card fee before entry, if you do not pay, you can contact me!1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States requires that all air passengers entering the United States submit a negative nucleic acid test within one day prior to departure;2. Airline requirements: Complete the health declaration form (which will be issued by the airport);3. Customs: US visa page + physical examination vaccine copy/physical examination vaccination record + CD (if any);4. Others: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination in Both Chinese and English. Others can be brought as required.Today to share here, if you want to know more information about immigration in the United States, welcome private letter consultation oh, I wish you all the best!