The Ministry of Education issued guidelines for Quality Assessment of Nursery Education to establish a scientific assessment system

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Beijing, February 15 news In order to implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council “Several Opinions on Deepening the Reform and Standardized Development of Preschool Education” and “Deepening the Overall Plan of Education Evaluation Reform in the New Era”, deepen the reform of kindergarten education, promote the improvement of scientific kindergarten nursery education quality evaluation system,The Ministry of Education recently issued a guideline for evaluating the quality of nursery education.Conservation of the assessment guide on kindergarten education process and the key elements affecting the quality of conservation education, around the direction of kindergarten, conservation and security establishment, teacher team, education process, environment five aspects proposed the key indicators and 48 test points, 15 aims to guide the kindergarten fully implement the party’s education policy, the implementation of khalid ents fundamental task,We respect children’s age characteristics and development rules, adhere to the combination of childcare and education, take games as basic activities, and constantly improve the level of kindergarten management and the quality of childcare and education.The Evaluation Guide focuses on improving and optimizing evaluation methods from three aspects to make evaluation more scientific and effective.One is highlighting process assessment.In view of the problem that the quality evaluation of kindergartens emphasizes the judgment of final results and neglects the investigation of the education process, and emphasizes the focus on the process of education and the key factors affecting the quality of education, through the professional judgment of the interaction between teachers and children in the class and the concept and behavior of the staff in the implementation of education and education,The specific implementation of the Guidelines for The Learning and Development of Children aged 3-6 and the Guidelines for Kindergarten Education will be investigated to encourage the continuous development and improvement of kindergartens.Second, strengthen self-assessment.For kindergarten passive participation, difficult to bring into play the function of evaluation incentive problem, emphasize the self-evaluation as promote teacher’s professional ability of the normalized method, through the depth of the faculty to participate in, to establish the kindergarten self diagnosis, reflection and improvement of external incentive to guide the benign development mechanism, to change the kindergarten teachers’ ideas and behaviors, improve wang practice ability.Third, focus on class observation.Change the past focus materials preparation, the evaluation process of the practice of kindergarten to build material overwhelmed, stressed on the class observation time is not less than half of natural observation in a row, on the observation coverage, emphasis on not less than a third of the total number of all age class, to ensure comprehensive, objective and true understanding of the kindergarten conservation education process and quality,Improve the effectiveness of assessment.The assessment guide emphasis must set up scientific evaluation guidance, improve the methods of evaluation, process evaluation, strengthen the self assessment, focusing on the class observation, focus on kindergarten the commitment to enhance the level of wang and improvement process, to reverse “heavy light process, the heavy hardware results light intension, heavy he review light self-reported” non-scientific tendencies, such as promoting to build libraries,We will guide every kindergarten to run well.It is strictly forbidden to evaluate the quality of kindergarten education by directly measuring children’s ability and development level.The evaluation Guide requires all localities to attach great importance to the evaluation of preschool education quality, take it as an important measure to promote the high-quality development of preschool education and run a satisfactory education for the people, and include it as an important content of deepening the reform of education evaluation in local areas.Local governments should strengthen funding and personnel support, improve evaluation standards, support evaluation studies, and ensure the effective implementation of evaluation.The quality assessment of kindergarten education should be carried out as a whole with other related assessments to avoid repeated assessments and effectively reduce the burden of inspection at the grass-roots level and kindergartens.