Strong point will also become a weakness, Shui Qingxia know this reason, the use of Wang Shuang Zhang Linyan show wisdom

2022-05-12 0 By

It must be admitted that both Wang Shanshan and Wang Shuang, including Tang Jiali, are indispensable roles in the Chinese women’s football team. They are also the most famous players in the team, and their individual abilities do become particularly prominent in the team.Shui Qingxia guidance for their trust, including more offensive organization and offensive scoring opportunities to them is also very assured.But for Coach Shui Qingxia, the reason why he makes us feel very strong, or the coach position of Chinese women’s football team is very successful, is that she knows how to use soldiers.This includes being particularly consistent with the use of key players, but also daring to take them off at times in favour of young, aggressive players who are not well known to the opposition.China fell behind in the Asian Cup final and a handball gave South Korea a perfect 2-0 start.But in the second half we can clearly see that ShuiQingXia guide adjustment ability, she dares to put in the first half of effect is not obvious to substituted, the king of the cream with a 21-year-old jeremie Zhang Linyan flagship vanguard line, with Tang Jiali and XiaoYuYi and vian form a small attack ability of the whole, and in front to pose a threat to the other party for many times.And Zhang Linyan also fulfilled the mission, not only helped the Chinese women’s soccer team to create a penalty, but also directly scored a header.In this way, The Chinese women’s football team got the chance to tie the score, and when the Chinese women’s football team completely suppressed the Korean women’s football team in the momentum, the temperament of the game of eight championships will be fully displayed.So ShuiQingXia guidance of that kind of ambition and confidence, also let every player of the team feel that everyone on the court not only more play more yong, physical problems solved on the pitch, but at the last moment depends on the ability to control the game and the critical moment of scoring ability, realize the uniform, has realized the 3-2 victory over.To some extent, the use of the cream for king ShuiQingXia guidance as a highlight, when with her, and when to let her off, to pushy young players opportunities, and grasp the opportunity, this is Zhang Linyan do well, is also a ShuiQingXia guiding itself of choose and employ persons is very good, so we’re going to big ShuiQingXia guide points to a praise.We believe that if we continue to compete in the future with such a pace and employing state, even though there is still a lot of room for improvement in technology, the future of Chinese women’s football team will be bright and better and better.Once again, let’s congratulate the Chinese Women’s football Team and Coach Shui Qingxia for the wonderful game and wish them a happy New Year.