Seven people were killed when a vehicle plunged into water at a ferry crossing in Pingle County, Guilin

2022-05-12 0 By

At 16:35 on February 2, 2022, the fire brigade received the alarm: there was an accident of vehicle entering the water at Baosha Crossing, Pingle Town, Pingle County, Guilin city.Pingle County immediately activated emergency plan, fire rescue team rushed to the scene for search and rescue.After preliminary understanding, the accident is a car waiting for the ferry at the ferry port, due to the driver’s own improper operation, to reverse into the river accidentally.One of the pilots managed to escape, while the other seven were pulled to shore but showed no signs of life.At present, the specific cause of the accident is under further investigation.Source CCTV news client editor Gao Shanshan process editor Wu Yue