Icbc Hengshui Jingxian Branch send Spring Festival couplets thick ink to welcome the New Year

2022-05-12 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, in order to let the people enjoy the cultural benefits of the people, to create a peaceful and festive festive atmosphere, recently, icbc Hengshui Jingxian branch jingxian calligrapher association Yao Hongchang, a line of old calligrapher, to help the “calligraphy fragrance add auspicious auspicious writing Spring Festival couplets” activities, power peak season marketing.At the scene of the activity, the old calligrapher impromptu, in the festive red paper to write a masterpiece of Spring Festival couplets.Customers saw this exquisite calligraphy works, repeatedly praised, have received their favorite Spring Festival couplets.The Spring Festival couplets that contain the meaning of “Five blessings”, “four seasons peace”, “hutong the world”, “Tiger King make spring” and other styles were swept away by customers who came to do business.In addition, there are many “blessing” word gift for “small indicators” customers.The Spring Festival couplets not only decorate the lintels of each household, but also icbc’s New Year’s greetings to customers into thousands of households, enhancing the feelings between customers, while promoting the peak season marketing business, inheriting the traditional customs of the Chinese nation, has been praised by the majority of customers.Author: Ma Lin