Four universities in Anhui province have been named and shamed by state media, leaving their diplomas worthless

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Universities are the key to development. Since the resumption of the gaokao, countless students want to go to universities for further study and gain more professional skills. In order to cultivate more talents, relevant departments have regulated universities to varying degrees.Anhui is a city in the middle of China, and the weather has a significant advantage compared with the south and the north. Many parents hope their students to apply for universities in Anhui province, not only because of the pleasant climate of Anhui province, but also because there are many excellent universities in Anhui Province.University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University and so on have brought powerful educational resources to Anhui Province, and at the same time cultivated a lot of excellent talents, but the good college resources also let many fake universities take advantage of the loopholes.Appear unfriendly 4 universities in anhui, has been named by official media criticism, diploma is worthless in 2021 the number of the college entrance examination has broke through the 10 million mark, there are more and more parents and students examination emphasis on the importance of education, and with the increase of the number of the college entrance examination, competitive conditions are also rising, only get more scores of students are eligible to enter a better school,However, for examinees, more and more competitive pressure, so that many examinees have no chance to their ideal university, and even because of abnormal play, can only apply for junior college, which is a huge blow to many high examinees.And in this case, there is a lot of false university using fluky psychology of students, in the title of low threshold on the undergraduate course, attract many low examinee enter oneself for an examination, but in fact these colleges have not qualified certificate, even if the students study hard, but four years down to spend less, no money is a diploma is like a piece of paper, and there are many such university in anhui.Anhui university of urban construction, is China’s early false university, have long been official media naming, no qualified university qualifications, there is no relevant departments for the record, and not even teaching place, let alone good teachers, because in recent years the popularity of online classes, let this false university has started to appear, this university was found to be false university it arrives too late.South anhui university of science and technology, is also a misleading false university, was the “south” of science and technology let many parents and students think that this is a relatively normal private universities, combined with recent years specialized in science and technology, made a lot of parents and students of trust, but there is no record on the university’s official website.East China university of science and technology of agriculture and forestry, listen to the name has a feeling of deja vu, and this is a through the heat of the “northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology”, specializing in the production of fake degree degree factories, there are a lot of scores is not ideal candidates want to through this way to improve their education, but in fact this false degree not recognized by the society.Xinmin university is also a very typical false university, but with a website, a few publicist had established the false university, there is no school address, no teacher, no students more resources, is one such shell son cheated many students and parents, is that many want to enter oneself for an examination to university students in anhui province to enter oneself for an examination the mistake xinmin college,In the end, however, they were left empty-handed.The author analysis: as the parents and students for degree is more and more attention, the discovery can only enter oneself for an examination of junior college students, psychological will inevitably produce some idea, hope I can get chance to enter oneself for an examination of undergraduate university, and university of false is also use psychology, parents and students attracted many students and parents to fall into the trap.And the university name looks very cow, but the fact is just a waste of time and money, and even delay the life of students, familiar with the local school’s native basically no one enter oneself for an examination, but not from the examinee to understand, so the examinee when applying to also be careful, after all the false university is in order to benefit, the future of the students how to don’t consider.Hard to clamp down on fake university, students also need reasonable avoid the false university admissions at the university of false means actually very single, big names, education on the lure of gold content, popular major attraction and so on all sorts of tricks is mainly in order to obtain the trust of the parents and students, but when students fall into the trap is likely to cause irreversible damage to the development of the future,What candidates need to do is to avoid fake universities reasonably.It’s not difficult to avoid the false university, mainly is the student need to correct their own state of mind, not to hold fluky psychology, college entrance examination at the time of application also needs through formal channels, of the university entrance exam to fully understand the mechanism of application, can enter oneself for an examination to a certain extent, to avoid the false university, want to enter oneself for an examination of course more suitable own university, the school need students have a more profound understanding.Many people hope that relevant departments to clamp down on fake university, but the special mechanism of the false university, there is a through the website of the false university, through counselling organization also exist false university, really want to clamp down on fake university is not easy, so students want to avoid the false university, the best way is down-to-earth, application through their own efforts.Topic of the day: What do you think about cracking down on fake universities?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading (the above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, 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