A logical stock price judgment

2022-05-12 0 By

Walk very miserably green miserably green, from the point of trading volume, some step empty money comes into play, trading volume slightly enlarged a little, so they fall a little, this batch of step empty funds will be harvest, because do not have put a lot of, so there is no crash, short-term rebound may have, this part step empty money feel the opportunity came, aggressively enter the arena,That’s when a wave of formal adjustment begins.What determines the stock price?Chips determine the price of the stock.It depends who has the chips?When the chips are transferred out of institutions, the original reasons for rising are not so effective, such as “ning Wang” company changed?The answer is no. Has the environment changed?The answer is no.”Ning Wang” is still the industry leader, but when his original logic of rising was accepted by most investors, one after another to buy.A round of chips was handed out, and the subsequent payment was normal.Who told you to accept the logic of the institution?It’s not unusual to pay some tuition.A buyer at a higher level cuts his meat at a lower level and then takes a new logic to stand guard at another higher level, repeating the story.The same story once happened in Maotai, and it also happened in Yaomao. Which will it happen in the future?I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll repeat history.A few days ago, I predicted that the big financial, Chinese and so on the undervaluation of the style began to change, many people do not believe their eyes see the market, such as up a round to ask can still enter, if I have this ability will be here code word trading notes?You think too much of me.The growth track is expected to bounce back, but a ragtag crowd is not going to do much.Low valuation of the go to the stage now high pressure, also like to take a long road to shake off the sand inside the shoes as good as the beginning of the long march, at this stage is such as differences after the volume, this help step empty capital what can be cheated in afterwards, such as cut this wave of capital, this year’s market officially began.At the end of this article, I will ask you some questions. Ah Jiu is looking forward to your message.What can you do in the short term besides chasing hot spots?What is unique to our country?What is rare in our country?Ah Jiu has been advocating panning for gold in F10, which allows you to view irreplaceable listed companies.Allocation of these listed companies, bargain buying, will there be a good income?Readers, which companies do you see as promising?I’ve been asking this question for a few days. Do you have an answer?