Where is hometown?”Bodhisattva Barbarism” by Li Qingzhao

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Li Qingzhao “Bodhisattva pretty” wind and day thin spring still early, clip unlined upper garment in a good mood.Sleep up to feel slightly cold, plum temples on the residual.Where is hometown?Forget unless drunk.When the water lies down, the incense is not gone.Brief note: Zha, gang.Plum blossom sentence, “han Yuan new book” carries the princess shouyang of the female emperor of song Dynasty, person day (the first day of the first month 7) lie contain chapter royal highness, plum blossom is floating its forehead, become five out of the flower.Because imitate it is plum flower makeup.Here it means the makeup has worn off after sleeping.Submerged water, namely aloes.Its wood to strong, water will sink, can be made into precious spices.Stream: wind and warming, spring has just arrived.Wearing a jacket for the first time, the mood is really good.Early morning slow wash, still feel a slight chill.On the temples plum makeup, sleep has been disabled.Where is home?Unless you forget it when you’re drunk.The aloes are burnt out and the liquor is still burning.Reading: This poem is the work of missing his hometown after crossing the south, expressing the deep pain of the decay of his native land.Simple and natural language, lyric profound implicit.’The first two sentences of the film are about having spent the harsh winter, taking off the heavy winter clothes and putting on the light jacket, feeling very happy.It is written in the southern climate, if in the north, early spring is still very cold, this invisible to the north and south climate comparison, has secretly pointed out the feeling of homesickness.Waking up after the daytime sleep, still feel a little cold, still buckle early spring.After sleeping, the plum blossom makeup that place draws already incomplete fall.Idle narrative, writing leisurely and comfortable tranquil, beautiful realm.The joy of early spring, however, was fleeting.The next piece from another meaning, transfer homesickness, mood change.”Where is your hometown?Not only said hometown is far away difficult to return, but also with the action of “looking home”.Zhao Mingcheng, her husband, died at the beginning of the Southern Crossing of the Song Dynasty. She lived alone in Shaoxing and Jinhua, drifting from east to west and alone.Nostalgia, no day without.I do not know how many times I looked north, looking at my hometown.”Forget unless drunk,” the phrase is extremely deep and painful.Drown your sorrows in wine. Only in drunkenness can you forget your homesickness.So you never forget when you’re awake.This “forget” just means not to forget.Here with anti – say, add a turning point, to avoid straightforward tasteless, this feeling more intense performance.It is hopeless for the author to return to his hometown, but he can’t think about it, and he can’t forget it.This cycle of ideological contradictions and mental anguish will not end in the author’s lifetime.The last two sentences specifically describe the word “drunk”.The fragrance of the heavy water lit when sleeping has burned out, the fragrance has dissipated, it has been a long time, but the author is not awake from the wine, it can be seen that he is deeply drunk.Deep drunkenness indicates heavy sorrow, heavy sorrow indicates strong homesickness.End sentence reuse “eliminate” word, sentence round to light, and the meaning of the word is very heavy.Do not directly say sorrow, homesickness, but wine, incense, implicit meaningful words.Qing state Zhou Yi “gargle jade word” comment said: also open, also bouquet, how do go by!That’s right!Born at the time of confrontation between Song and Jin dynasty, Qing Zhao advocated Anti-Japanese War and hoped to recover lost territory.Her profound nostalgia for her hometown includes her resentment towards the rulers of Jin who occupied her hometown, and her condemnation of the rulers of Southern Song who did not think of recovery and did not follow the rules, permeating with strong patriotism.This word on the piece write happy, next piece write sad, on the surface of the meaning seems not connected, the actual relationship is very close.Spring breeze sends warmth, should be happy, enjoy the good spring scenery, but the festival changes and often easy to touch the homesickness of people, think of broken mountains and rivers, home is difficult to return, this beautiful spring, but become the sorrow of hate.So the joy of the film, more set against the next piece of sadness;Writing joy is guest, expressing hatred is Lord;Sorrow and joy contrast, the theme is more prominent.Attached eight pictures, Li Qingzhao word intention: the wind and the day of thin spring is still early, clip shirt suddenly in a good mood.Where is hometown?Forget unless drunk.