Versatility can be a drag

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Hai Zong is a prodigy. He has studied in many countries and has mastered several foreign languages — this is not the meaning of several countries’ English.Hai is also very strong hands-on ability, see what a little learning, carpentry, bricklayer, sculpture, calligraphy can do – do not see what can not, can not.The nearly all-rounder of the sea also encountered trouble: is often by all kinds of temptation, today to do this tomorrow to do that, temporarily uncertain.Friends have jokingly said: if the future hai does not achieve great success, his versatility is the main reason.Focus is always needed No matter how good you are individually, it’s hard to do well on your own, so you’ll have to hurt ten fingers rather than one.Once Master Wu Qingyuan said, fight two rabbits and not a rabbit;Hunan also has a similar saying, “the sky full of sparrows can not catch clean”, versatility is said to be this sky full of sparrows.Judge but every opportunity outside strategy is poison.Nowadays, if you want to do anything well and make achievements, it is not easy to do it. It requires a lot of effort, and most of it also requires teamwork. Therefore, no one can guarantee success.The economy gets worse, things get harder in general, so you have to learn more, you have to master more skills, you have to keep empowering yourself.In this coordination, but also need to forget those market has no sense of the strengths, or even expertise – your expertise no matter how long, as long as the market has no sense, there is no meaning.Your strengths are of course precious, and almost every one of them is a concentration of heart and soul.But times are different, and some may be out of date.Need to advance with The Times, need to choose — is not their own ability, not their skilled is technology.