This faint figure, too let a person distressed!

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On March 13th,In wenzhou, zhejiang province, a medical staff work long hours, for days suddenly fainted in this scene is sent to a circle of friends had touched many people fainted staff named shan-shan Yang is a full year 00 just had a job after she take the initiative to sign up to participate in a line after the outbreak disease resistance to 13 consecutive work five days when she is doing pharyngeal swab sampling tu feeling cold, dizzy and sick colleagues quickly”I immediately took off her protective clothing to ventilate her,” said colleague Chen Yanxun. “When I saw Shan’s face was pale and her lips were purple, my eyes suddenly became moist…””I’m sorry.Give you trouble! “and so on shan-shan Yang woke up in the lounge this is the first thing she said drinking some warm water to eat some food supplement energy she asked to continue on post shan-shan Yang nucleic acid testing point from 7:30 every day to ticket for area residents to provide free nucleic acid testing services in the detection of citizens see she fainted all feel very love someone hair circle of friends”It’s hard to know Baymax, but when I saw him for the first time, I was so moved that I cried,” he said. “Salute to all the frontline medical workers. Please protect yourself.