Ten poems on epidemic prevention by Li Can, principal of Pengda Middle School, Longgang, Shenzhen

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First, salute the volunteers to prevent and control the virus, the people’s teachers as the request.Red vest, community to see the truth.Volunteer service shows great love, nucleic acid testing is busy.The whole people started the war of resistance, united as one to fight the epidemic.Novel Coronavirus is approaching Longgang.Nucleic acid testing busy, the national anti-epidemic woven network.The outbreak of the epidemic in Longgang has caused a spike in epidemic prevention and control.Carry out nucleic acid tests to stop the spread of the virus.The white dress sets off the beauty, and the red armour hangs on the shoulders.Drive away disease together, welcome spring together.Take the Lead in volunteering When it was cold late at night in winter, the principal took the lead in volunteering.Let the new coronavirus spread its claws, and all the nations fight disease and insect.Five, the volunteers brave the sudden become epidemic prevention and control of command wear masks we of filtering is not only the virus prevention and fear bravely as a volunteer for everyone’s happiness and peace when the dark clouds disperse let sunshine ripple ripples in the flower of life bloom freedom of six, thank SARS thank you to my mind I see itI could not see their faces clearly. I saw volunteers moving through them. Their red vests were like dancing flamesThank you for the epidemic without fear of risk. You have made me burst into tears.Things change.Spring Festival more cut, home far no longer.Stay until the flower day, and then look at dad and mom.Eight, miss home in the sky of the month migration back geese do not fear the distant missing tree ah yearning for spring nine, anti-epidemic special measures to adhere to wash your hands frequently, avoid the crowd go.Go out wearing a mask, come home a mouthful of wine.Novel coronavirus is too bad. It spreads quickly and is difficult to prevent.Streets and alleys set up control points, in and out of the first disinfection.Shopping malls and supermarkets to check the green code, check the temperature registration.The people of Longgang should fight the epidemic at a faster pace than the virus.Medical staff on the front line, at the risk of losing their lives to fight the virus, the people’s teachers to ask for the job, epidemic prevention and control is not ambiguous.Party members and cadres set an example, forgetting food and sleep and not fearing hardship.All walks of life offer love, donate money and materials to help.The key to winning this battle is government.Working together to fight the virus is a battle we can’t lose.When eradication Day comes, the whole country celebrates.I wish the motherland no disaster, the people live in peace and happiness.